Are bop kits worth it?

Neal Pert

Active Member
The only kit I've used that kinda shrunk the footprint of my kit was one of those Tama Club-JAM kits. It was nice-sounding but I just always want a full-sized kit. I'd rather lose the second cymbal and/or the floor tom, tbh. But I've had a lot of bop kits specifically because I'm a jazz player. I'd never want to play most rock or pop or whatever with an 18.

I guess what I'm saying is that the reason to buy a bop kit-- or any kit-- is that the sound is right for the music you're playing.

BTW, I kinda like the Dixson bass drum riser that Evans makes if you really want to use a riser. It's worked well for me so far. It's too expensive for what it is and it's probably best to start using it when you're doing a new set up, but it works well with different pedals and now that I'm used to it I like what it does.