Aquarian Classic Clear as Batter Heads


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Anybody out there using Aquarian Classic Clears as batter heads? I've got several left over that I use as resos. Just curious what I might expect.

C.M. Jones

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I'm a Remo guy, but the Aquarian Classic Clear seems similar to the Remo Ambassador Clear. Both are 10mil single-plies. Hence, I think you can expect a fairly bright and open sound, one that allows overtones to sing right through. I prefer coated heads (coated double-plies on my toms and bass and a coated single-ply on my snare), but to each his own.

If you have a few extras on hand, why not pop them on and experiment?


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Like most single ply heads, Classic Clears work as both a batter or a resonant. I have used them a few times for recoding, but am generally not a fan of clear batters.


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you'll get a bright, lively sound from your drums, i like them when i wanna channel my inner simon phillips :)


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Classic Clears are a great option for a nice and bright wide open tone! Can’t go wrong with them whether a top or bottom head. However I use Texture Coateds on the bottom of my toms for a slightly warmer tone.