Anyone else ever "split the kit"?


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I've seen many a thread extolling the virtues of downsizing and the "less is more" approach- you may consider me a convert.
However I find myself in something of a unique position (or so I believe) where I have taken a "monster kit" (not really but reasonably large nonetheless) and created two separate kits for two separate locations.
Some back story as to what the hell I'm on about (scroll down for the purty pictures if this kind of thing bores you):
After selling the house and losing the man cave in the process, I find myself in a small 2 bedroom flat which cannot possibly accommodate the double bass kit of yore.
Fortunately,there exists a friend (who wishes to jam occasionally) and has the extra storage space to house such a kit BUT I also want a kit at home for practice and can't afford yet another e-kit.
Solution: Spilt the kit into two 5-piece kits (one rack-based and one stand-based) to minimise set-up/ pull down time.
So this is me making the best of a less than ideal situation and wondering if anyone else has ever had to do something similar (by choice or necessity)?


I do this by choice. I have a set that I use for Rock and a set I use for Jazz, I also have some extra drums. I can use my 16" bass and form a 4 peice or use my 22" bass and add more drums for an 11 Peice. The combinations are limitless. Well, I guess there is a limit, but for the most part I match my drums so I can use them in different combinations.


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I commonly tailor my Yamaha 8/10/12/14/16/20 set to the needs of the gig. Not every gig needs that many drums. That's one of the best reasons to get a large shell bank, so that you can pick and choose the most appropriate sounds for the situation.


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I'm thinking I will split my monster Tama kit into one: 8/10/12/14/22 fusion kit and a second 13/16/18/22 kit. I can still piece it all together in to a monster double bass 80's rocker kit, but that is just a big overbearing thing to play.


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Sounds mostly like a choice thing to have two types of kits to suit the situation.
Never considered drummers going between rock and jazz gigs but sounds like a great idea for those who don't wish to purchase / have space for multiple kits.