Anxiety or depression among household adults.


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Although we see evidence of the contrary on a depressingly daily basis, to me one of the very few blessings of the pandemic has been renewed empathy for people, animals and the planet we all share.
I've noticed that also. At least it seems like everyone is being much better to each other when I do venture out. Havent seen two complete strangers yelling at each other in a parking lot/store in a while.


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I will say that being a public school teacher during the last year and a half has been...difficult to say the least. I feel that I have weathered it pretty well so far, but man, I am starting to get some serious pandemic fatigue. I was hoping this year would seem more like a normal school year,

Also, side note, I started saving a little out of every paycheck to for the last three years, to surprise my wife with a trip to Hawaii for our 15th wedding anniversary this June (I revealed it a year early because my wife has OCD, and is an obsessive planner). It will/would've been our first real vacation since our honeymoon, and as of right now, it's an open question wether or not we'll have to postpone it by a year or two. Which if we have to, is fine. I fully understand that a vacation is very small potatoes compared to the health and economic impact others are feeling. But it's just another bummer to chalk up to the pandemic.