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Before you read...this is in no way trying to advertise, or create competition for Drummerworld, it is simply another resource you might want to check out.

Some of you may remember a website which was posted on here about 7 months ago. It was a website where you could speak with many professional drummers (a lot like drummerworld).

My buddy Stefan has been hard at work for 7 months doing an overhaul of the website. The site started on a rough note, being called things like "drummer stalk" instead of "drummers talk". The new site is now called There are currently 20 pro drummers registered with the site, and new pros are added monthly. The site focuses more on the pros speaking with the fans, but there is a drum related forum as well.

Although it is mostly metal drummers at the moment, more drummers from different genres are being added all the time.

Explore the site a bit, and post back here with any comments or criticism. There isn't loads of content yet, but it will hopefully come in time. (check out Daniel Erlandsson's page)

Stefan also has a free online drum magazine for anyone who's interested, with interviews with Mike Portnoy and Mike Mangini. ( ) it has been slow while Drumhall was under development, but is now on a roll again.

Mike Mangini interview ( )

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