(Another) Live video of one of my projects!


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Hope I'm not driving you guys crazy posting links all over the place. I put in some crazy work over the last few years and finally have some footage and recordings coming from playing in 4 projects and damn near losing my mind (I also build fences 5 days a week).

I was fortunate enough to work with a gentleman named Addam Chavarria on his solo debut record. We cut it and released it just in time for him to move to Austin, TX to pursue music in a bigger town (work can be iffy in Boise, not a big enough population). I had an absolute blast working with him, and it was one of the first times that I've been able to channel my best 60's/70's studio drummer, so I was a happy camper.

This is from a local podcast series that features local Boise musicians and was the last time that we played together before Addam made his move.