Angel drums - very nice

Captain Bash

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Angel Drums, just came across this high-end maker of segment drums, via Steve Maxwell drums site. Wow sound is really nice, as is the look both the Ash and the Wenge float my boat. Apologies if this drum maker has already been discussed. Also nice to see some European makers producing top sounding drums.


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I really like the single flange hoops they make.
There's a guy selling them on ebay and they go for a wide range, affordable for basic maple to expensive for the exotic shells.


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I had a conversation with my instructor who has one of these snares. He gave it a pretty good review.

Funny thing is, when I was watching videos of him on tour, I mistakenly thought that he was playing a big "R" Rogers snare. I didn't realize it was a big "A".


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I'm interested in their hoops but a pair of 14" hoops for $270 is ludicrous regardless of justification.