Andy Ramsay of Stereolab

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Anyone else dig his playing? He's gotta be one of the most unsung drummers of all time. I can't find a mention of him anywhere on the site. Maybe there's not many people here that even listen to Stereolab?

He's a real subtle drummer, and that might be why he doesn't stand out and get noticed. But he's always playing what is perfect for the song. Endlessly creative and absolutely original, too, whether he's doing a repetitive Motorik beat or complex odd time thing. (Stereolab does a LOT of odd time signature stuff, even mixing up multiple times in one song.)

If you haven't heard Ramsay or Stereolab, check them out!


i love stereo lab. they remind me a little of tortoise with their laid back-making everything sound easy kind of style but with a little more krautrock in there. i think andy and the band in general are both very under appreciated


Big fan of Stereolab!

I was gonna say that Ramsay must be a big Klaus Dinger (NEU!) fan from Stereolab's early output, but he joined in '93, when they were transitioning into their more mature sound.

They did work with McIntire & co. (Tortoise) a bit, so there's that connection.

Tortoise is also spectacular!

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I had to finally create an account on DrummerWorld to reply to this. Andy Ramsay's drumming is brilliant! His playing was everything it needed to be, and never more. In my opinion it was absolutely critical to the Stereolab sound. I wish he got a little more credit.


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This thread has some legs! I’m listening to Stereolab‘s Mars Audiac Quintet and marvelling at Andy Ramsay’s incredible precision and restraint. One of my favourite drummers.