An overlooked big deal from Pearl

Bo Eder

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Hung out at NAMM today and nobody has really talked about it, but I think this is a big deal.

The first thing I noticed when I got to the Pearl room today was that the Session Select drums feature a brand new finish: gloss birch.

Remember for a few years now, if you wanted a glossy natural finish on a Pearl kit, your only choice was to get a Reference kit, or a Masterworks (both of which you'd have to wait several months to get as those are manufactured in Taiwan - as opposed to the Music City Customs, which are wrapped at the Nashville plant and shipped out to you within a couple of weeks. Not being able to get a glossy natural finish in a cheaper line was kind of a downer for me, because it's so much prettier than the matte satin natural finish they were doing on other lines, and even appears more robust just by virtue of the glossiness.

So now you can get glossy natural (but birch) in the Session Select line! And it's just as beautiful as the natural gloss maple of the Reference! I'm sorry I don't have a picture of it - I'll try to get one in the morning and post it here. Ironic that in a room full of way-out intricate finishes worthy of an award, I should be drawn to the humble, gloss natural finish (I love my Reference gloss natural maple finish). It was like that scene in the third Indiana Jones movie when Indiana has to pick the cup of Christ among all these other elaborate cups. He picks the most unassuming one saying "this is the cup of a carpenter" and discovers he's right. It's just a finish that works for a lot of situations and doesn't draw undo attention on the drummer, but it's not basic black!

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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If I ever decide to give in to the evils of electronic drums, my first kit would probably be Pearl.

Wish they started looking into multipads. Bet they'd be great.