An App to Write My Music on a Song Sheet


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I was just wondering if there is an app that will write my music on a song sheet? Over the years I have written over 50 songs and they are all stored in my heart. If I sang my song to an app could it write my music on a song sheet? I have no clue if there's any such technology... any information would be helpful.

I do not know how to read or write music but I was thinking more or less of an app that I would sing to and then it would write the notes on a song sheet.

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Over the years I have seen ads for programmes that notate from audio. I’ve never used one, but apparently they exist. Similar to ‘text to speech’ functions.


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I don't think there is a phone app, but MuseScore is the most used free software that people use.

Finale and Sibelius are the 2 that the professional publishing companies use. I have used Finale for the past 30ish years. It is not cheap, but writing and arranging is part of my job


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You can play to an app and have it writing notes, but then you'll have to correct many things that the app interpreted wrong.
To do so you must know how to write and read.
If you would like to play to an app, so you can learn how to read, it won't work. You'll have to learn how to read first, outside from the app.
I wanted to sing to an app if that was possible but unfortunately I don't know how to read or write music therefore I wouldn't know if the app was writing it down correctly unless it could play it back.


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I posted a similar thread not long ago and I don't think there is an app that will do exactly that. I did find at least one app, DRUMMAP that you can play it with your fingers on the app and it will show it in notation form the but it wouldn't play what I wanted it. I think one of the things I was trying to do was like a dotted 8th note on the kick drum and it would play 8th or or quarters but it would not play in between those notes. Probably a case of me not knowing what I'm doing lol