Airplane construction (Khruangbin)

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Loved this band for a few years now (Khruangbin means 'airplane' in Thai): the essence of 'less is more' on the drums, bass - and a virtuoso, eclectic guitarist - but just found this little video that shows their music is constructed in the reverse order than I would have imagined. I'm a little stunned.
A three year old vid - and Laura was a self-confessed novice on the bass at the time.

If you don't know them - a great introduction here:


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Laura Lee also uses a bass that cost about $120 new when she bought it. I had P and PJ SX basses at one time. Horrible fretwork but the P pickup was great as long as you didn’t get the way too high pole pieces too close to the strings.


Love this band.. Simple and beautiful. Albums are great.
The stuff they’ve done with Leon Bridges is great as well.. Good call!
Strictly a weird personal quirk for me, but I’m put off by the wigs … I like their sound, but just feel the wigs make it seem not only inauthentic, but that it’s an inside joke — on us.

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I only listened to the beginning clip because of attention span. It's a pleasant composition and sounds derivitive of Marley's I Shot The Sheriff.


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Great band. The guitarist is a monster and the drummer is the ultimate pocket player. All their stuff sounds exactly the same though, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.