After 32 years w/P-880P......a DW9000...initial thoughts


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As the title I mentioned in another thread (Latest Purchase) I played the last 32 years with a Pearl P-880P double pedal but the past 20 years in mostly a single pedal configuration. It was time for a replacement after that served thousands of hours and many gigs. I picked up a single DW9000 and I was really curious as to what 30+ years of development has done with pedals.

Oh my. No wonder "kids" these days are fast, they had these pedals to grow up with......makes things silly easy compared to my Speed King to P-880P pedal history. DW is Butter smooth, I barely have to do anything, I just think of what I want to do and the pedal does it. With the Pearl I typically was burying the beater on many strokes and that was just my technique except where I consciously chose not to bury it. With the DW, it is so smooth and light that I find I have to consciously choose to bury it now and frankly I choose not to now and I prefer the bass tone I am getting as a result.

I haven't made any adjustments to it after I took it out of the box, however I will install the toe stop as I somewhat miss that.

Great pedal......feels like cheating......trying to decide if the 9000 was my best "totally worth the money" purchase but the 22" K Constantinople Ride and 15" Avedis hats are close as well..........

Anyone on the fence about upgrading from possibly an older "classic" or "sentimental" pedal to something more it and don't look back....


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Pearl Eliminator Redlines for me. 1 pair.
They have been a definite improvement over my 2 DW 5000s.
My bass drum playing is more effortless now. Works for me.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Had mine for about 6 years now. Still haven't adjusted anything, Just works. Slightly less aggressive than my 5000 Accelerator that I was using before, but I got used to it.


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I had the exact same feeling when I was given a late 80's DW 5000 Accelerator double 3 weeks ago. Holy moley! I had to tighten up the springs as tight as they could go just because I'm so not used to pedals that are as easy to play as these are.


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I have a kit that stays on the truck with a DW 9000 pedal that I play 99% of the time. I haven't touched my 5000 in probably a year. I knew that there was a difference, but I didn't know how much until a few months ago.

I had a double header using two different kits. I set up Kit 1 with the 9000 at one venue to be played later that night. Drove to venue 2, set up another kit with my 5000 pedal to play that afternoon. After about 20 min. into our set, I began to think, "Why the crap is my right leg so freakin' tired?" I couldn't believe the difference between the 9000 and 5000 up until then. Within a couple of weeks, I had a second 9000 pedal in case I run into this scenario again.