About Kick Slide Technique


I'm just getting started with the slide technique. I use Tama Iron Cobra 600 pedals.

While working, I have difficulty in slipping my foot on the pedal while first pressing down a little and on the toe, then pushing the foot forward. It doesn't slide easily. Is it that way for you too or should it slide easily?

Coud you please guide me.


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I'm not an expert and someone else may say I'm totally wrong, however for what my view is worth:

I find the slide comes more naturally the higher I have my heel, but the toes are less involved.
The lower my heel (still "up") the harder a slide movement is, but the more my toe has to be involved.


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What is your pedal? The footboard might be too grippy for slide.

Do you have anything on your feet while playing? Socks slide better than shoes or bare feet.