A Welcome Surprise!


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Woke up this morning to find out a previously unreleased track from a recording session in 2016 (yes seven years ago!) has been included on my previous bands new EP release as a bonus track / alternative version of their new single.

We recorded it, even getting in a string quartet to back us. But we were never completely happy with it, so it stayed locked away gathering dust, until today.

Recorded at Toe Rag studios in London, the same studio as where The White Stripes recorded their album ‘Elephant’. A Grammy award for this album causally sat on a shelf in the control room.

Kit used was the studios 1960’s Gretsch Roundbadge, and my trusty 1968 14x5 Ludwig Supraphonic.

I think the ride cymbal I ended up using on this song was a vintage Zildjian that was the studios, completing the vintage drum vibe.

All recorded via analogue and to tape and the studios vintage EMI Redd.17 Mixing console, that they bought from Abbey Road studios.

A fantastic studio and great memories.

What a blast from the past and a welcomed surprise for my Friday morning.

If you like this version make sure to check out the new version. The band and current lineup have done a great job with it.


Yea spotify sucks and I can't listen; but it's interesting how recording rooms tend to be so similar looking. I swear I've been in that room LOL.