a review? of my new kit. inca gold renowns!


hey there,

i joined this forum a lil while ago to help me find a new kit. i could get a deal on the gretsch renown maples but didnt really know about them. i wanted the inca gold sparkle but found the gretsch site didnt give a great colour sample. i found a few photos online but not many, it seemed to depend on what light you put em in.

anyway, i saw they were good and got them. the 'mod' set-up - 22x20, 12x9 and 16x16. keeping my old ludwig snare. the finish is amazing and hopefully some of my pics might help you decide where i was stuck.

sounded lovely in my garage when i first unpacked em, hardly had to tune them out the box. the build quality amazed me too. i may replace the evans g2s with some 2ply coated but im happy for now.

it wasnt untill half way through my covers bands set last night that i realised just how great they sound. ive done a fair amount of kit shares, admittedly with teenagers, and ive never played a kit so nice. im just glad its mine!

anyway, just had to tell you how pleased i am and cheers for the advice (i'd been snooping). and of course youre going to ask for photos so..... lets see if i can get this thing to work....





sorry for the bad picture quality


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That's a great kit. Love the color.


cheers guys, certainly is nice.

it seems a fair few people buy the renowns these days but i havent seen many in the inca gold. shame really. well i good thing for me i suppose!

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it seems a fair few people buy the renowns these days but i havent seen many in the inca gold.

True, I haven't either! It's interesting how the finish looks different depending on the light you put it in; to me, it looks like a combination of traditional Gold and Champagne sparkle finishes. That snare is an absolute monster! Looks like a 14x8 w/Satinwood veneer (?) In any case, it looks like you managed to snag a set of great drums! Congrats, and enjoy them!


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Very nice choice! I chose the Renouns too and have not regretted it (May of 2007 purchase).
I was in a huge music retailer store in Vancouver BC recently (Long & McQuade's largest store) and they had an Inca Gold Renoun kit on display - it was beautiful. I know what you have there and you did alright selecting those drums. I still have the G2 Evans on mine - they're holding up nicely.

Ya - welcome to the Gretsch family - lots of history there too if your interested in reading about Gretsch drum lore.........



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Love these drums. I have the 10,12, 14, 22 kit. I added a 16” and wrapped it myself. What year or years were these produced? Thank you!


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I have the "Tattoo" Catalina Club version of the same sizes. The wrap is gone, but the black color remained.
Best kit I've had for what I do since my Pearl Exports in the 80's.

Now go beat them like they owe you money!!:cool: