A or B


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Don't like brass...but wouldn't a 5.5x13 actually be a 6.5x14 because of the difference? only obviously smaller?
Comparatively, it's possible. Sound wise, I'm sure no one could tell. The smaller drum has something to it though. Maybe it's how it feels, or how it sits more comfortably, I dunno. I'm a big fan so far, in my limited experience of 2, of 13" snare drums.


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You can weigh in and then see if you were right in a few days.
From the original choices I would’ve chosen A simply because the smaller diameter, deeper shell combination has a different sound than standard 14 x 5.5. But I’m guessing you went with C.


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Man the 13x7 Pork pie really sounds good med to low tunings- lil too much ring high. I like 13x7s they have a lot of tones


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I would have also picked the DW. Not a fan of 13" snares and I like black over brass more than straight brass. The black typically cuts off some of the high-end honk that I find grating.

I'm guessing you went with the Pearl.


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13s are fun. I've not played one over 5.5" deep though.
I was super hesitant too when some people in this forum talked me into the 13" when I was asking about a small collection of snares and they said, "try a 13", you will like it very much. I bought the Benny Greg thinking I might not like the ring in a metal shell and especially the 13" but, holy 🐮, it's a crazy good size, do not hesitate like me, jump on the 13"!!