A beer with Bermuda...


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I haven't but his interview with Dom Famularo is on my mind today. Ive been impressed by that again. So relaxed..poised..confident..witty. I'd get his mind on so much. His life with W.A.Y. anyone else like to order a few and get his views on your questions?.
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I made Bermuda my drumming guru, and I would love to meet him someday, but alas, I drink a beer maybe once every 3 years and I’m only a year into the last one.
Two more years Jimmy and it's party! time. Since its just one make it last you party animal. 😃.
Bermuda is a very nice man and that's all I'm at liberty to say!
I always enjoy sitting down with players and talking gear or business or whatever! I'm not a big beer drinker but there are many libations that I enjoy. :)
I've never had a beer with Bermuda, but we have had numerous coffees on the NAMM show floor over a span of many years.
I've never had a beer with Bermuda, but we have had numerous coffees on the NAMM show floor over a span of many years.
For me that would be an honor. I've seen him walk up for awards with Weird Al and always remember him as a class act. I aspire to be more like him than the flake that I can be 😃.
I met Bermuda at NAMM in 2015.

He picked my pocket and stole my identity.

Then he took my rental car on a joy ride and dented the rear quarter panel.

I was so mad at him!
Sounds like a deleted scene from the Weird Al movie last year. And so typical of Bermuda, it’s almost become cliche of him.
I've spoken with him after an Al show and also had him on a podcast that I co-produce. All-around awesome guy, happy to share and offers great information! That's my Yelp review.

He bought dinner once. Then I made him buy gelato after dragging me and my wife through the streets of San Francisco looking for a music store. Some things you never forget. Or forgive.

Bermuda wouldn't have to drag me to a music store, I'd be right beside him walking into drum heaven!
I’d like to meet Bermuda so he could validate I’m a real human and not some rogue Bot on the forum. Maybe ask him to sign my Black,White ,and Weird -or offer him a $25 Home Depot debit card to do so.

What would be real fun is having dinner with Bermuda and Weird Al. Besides the pure joy of occasion, I can stick Bermuda with the check and then when I see his signature I can forge it on my BWW with a special note to his “Bestie” friend GetAgrippa the Rogue Bot. Yeah I’m lacking in some scruples- but I’d have my signature.