9711GS G-CLASS- Discuss

Les Ismore

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GIBRALTAR'S latest attempt.

Seems they've been watching JoJo, TRICK, DEAMON Dr since their CATAPULT moved onto the afterlife, no more radical new designs, play it safe, follow the herd.

G-Class lifts design cues from the pedals mentioned above. I don't like the thick bottom plate, raises the show off the floor too much. Surprised no attempt at a longboard. Price will make or break this pedal IMO.



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Looks like it costs about as much as a pair of Iron Cobras or DW5002s and about $70 more than a Pearl Eliminator.

I'd be interested in knowing whether it's a "heavy" or "light" pedal. Looks to be the former, a lot of metal on the body. It's got a spring tension knob like a Trick, which is interesting, but it's a conventional expansion type rather than a compression mechanism.

Might be really nice. Might also sink like a stone. Would love to try one.


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I tried this one at the shop a while ago. It's OK.

It's smooth, but it felt a bit heavy to me. "Heavy feeling" is subjective, but it's well made, and easy to set up.

It's sturdy, without weighing a ton, and I liked the finish color--or lack of color.
I won't be leaving my Eliminators for this pedal, but I did like it more than an IC Power Glide, or Rolling Glide.


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I messed around on this one a bit again at the shop the other day.

Not for me, but the base really isn't different in feel than anything else. It didn't feel like my foot was higher--which would really bug me. Th eIC heel plate feels higher to me actually. That was the reason I gave up on the Flexi I had. I liked it a lot, but the heel height started to bug me.

The JoJo pedal wasn't for me either, after playing on one for quite a while.

I'm still most happy with my Eliminator single (red cam, shortened strap).
Looks pretty sleek, I like the design of the clamp plus the adjustable beater weight is a cool idea. Too bad there's not a longboard model, I'm still waiting for the release of the double pedal so I can get my hands or should I say feet on them.

Les Ismore

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The single post design allows for a short shaft, longer shafts mean more weight. Most standard single pedal designs use a 5.5" shaft which is weighty and there's a lot of wasted space on the shaft.

With a short shaft design weight savings is moot if the cam and beater holder are bulky/heavy. There are some double post designs that employ a short(er) shaft, the posts angle inward... this is a great design that's not really been refined.


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Does this pedal allow the footboard to swivel like a Vector pedal? Can’t tell from the website but it looks like there is an adjustment and a geared face on the bottom plate.