5 lugs better than 8?


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I've been reading all this stuff about reducing hardware mass to let the shell 'breathe'. Given a vogue for 8 lug snares, I wondered if anyone had taken off half their lugs and turned a 10 lug snare into a 5? Of course I'm going to try it because who doesn't like a bit of gear pimping, but I wondered if anyone else was as bored and stupid?

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5 lugs on a 14" snare would require way too much tension on each tension rod, which in turn introduces a LOT of stress and may result in the lug pulling away from the shell. If you like your snare to have a decent tension, I don't think you would want any less than 8 lugs. At the other end of the spectrum, 12 lugs can be a bit much.
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To my knowledge, the fewest lugs on a functional snare would be the Ludwig Pioneer student drum. I think of it as a Jazz Fest with 6 lugs. While the drum is functional, it's a bit quirky, and I do not recommend high tension unless you want to constantly replace swivel nuts.


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I like an even number of lugs, so there is an opposite lug. 5 lug drum...don't work for my tuning method like 6 or 8 or 10 lug drums. I tune in "lines", a 6 lug drum has 3 tuning lines. You can't do that with a 5 lug drum. Plus 5 lug forces you to use die cast, which IMO limits a drums open-ness. Had 2 Renown sets and traded both. Dealbreaker. Nice drums otherwise, the odd number of lugs was the only dealbreaker. It hits me as cheaping out. I detest being cheap on things that matter.


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5 lugs on a snare drum, no way! On small toms though, 5 lugs work great. I'm the opposite of Larry, I love 5 lug toms like on my Gretsch set - they're incredibly easy to tune.