42-strand snare wires


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So I put the 42-strand Pearl set on my SLP Super Aluminum (a drum that is very crisp and sensitive with the included set) and it adds nothing, only takes away from the sound. Less crispness and a honkier, thinner overall drum tone.

The Pearls phosphor bronze set is audibly much darker sounding compared to the steel Tamas when rattling them with my hand, so I guess steel vs. steel would be a better comparison. But I think I'm done with my 42-strand experiment after trying them on four different snares and gaining little if anything, while losing tone on all of them.

Cmdr. Ross

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I have them on my 14x12 marching snare & they're unreal. I also fitted a set on a 14x14 floor "snom" and they did a'ight.
30's seem better on that drum.


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As I always repeat, these wires and Gretsch snare drums are a match made in heaven (or more likely Ridgeland) :)


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Maybe try the 30 or 24 strand snare wires. More snare-ey, less choke.

42's are a lot of wires.