14x5” or 7” N&C solid walnut snare?

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which depth do you think better suits and best brings out the sound of a solid walnut shell? 5” or 7”?

I play primarily indie, pop rock, fusion
7" 6.5" 5" all good. I have 6.5 , can't go wrong with either. At a pinch I'd choose 7".
and the number of the counting shall be.........3.........."Actually it's 7 Sir"
One of my main gigging drums in rotation, there's three I suppose, is a 5 1/2 Walnut Craviotto.

But all three of the rotation drums are five or 5 1/2. I'm not a guy who generally plays deep snare drums. I'd rather detune the shallow drum than tune the deep drum tighter.
With that kind of money, I'd play both if you can and pick the one you like.
Well, walnut is a more low end wood, then, you could decided that it nice a deep drum to emphasize it. That said, if you like "craky" snares and high tuning, you can do it easily with a deep snare because the wood itself will bring low end tones even when tunes hih.

So, if your choice is to emphasize the characteristic of the wood and you intend to tune it at F3, F3 SHARP or G, go for the 7". If your goal is to crank it because you like that, tuned at A, A3 sharp and even B3 (Which make sense tof a 5" shell), go with the 5", you will not lose lower end because, instead of being brought by the depth, it will be brought by the tone of the wood itself.

I have the mapex Walnut 30th anniversary, I could apply easily both opposite (Ok, it's a 6,5"), ditto with my walnut 15X8, so, depending on the tone of the wood, you have several strategies. Below is the 3 types of tonewood, low, medium and high:

thanks everyone for very helpful replies, 7" depth gives more versatility me thinks so 7" it is. N&C so well made.
I went with a 6” depth when I ordered mine . I bought #4 from the very first batch of walnut shells they made . I do not regret my decision to order that size . It is an incredibly versatile depth those 6” snares
I'm a fan of deep snares, so I'd go with the 7.
I'm currently playing an 8" deep & love it.
Yep, that's the same size N&C cherry I ordered. I bet walnut is the dog's danglies as well.