13? Really!?


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Another vote for the Greb, although I've never owned or played one. But the first time i heard him play it on the presentation video i went 'oh my.... beautiful!'
And it's a beech shell by the way, not birch ;)


I know this drum gets a lot of hate because it is ugly but if you can put looks aside the Pearl Joey Jordison sig snare is a wonderfully crisp, sensitive, and surprisingly versatile 13" snare.

Also, Jan "Hellhammer" Blomberg (Mayhem) uses a 13x4.25" beech shell snare and that sucker sounds far from thin or flat. If that tiny drum can cut through the wall of sound that is Mayhem then there should be no concerns over using a 13" as a main snare. And I'm aware, he is usually mic'ed and run through a huge sound system... The volume potential starts with the drum itself, a mic only amplifies that.


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I've been re-exploring the 13x7 snare I have, and after watching some YT videos I'm trying a new head and some tunings today to see if I can like it enough to use it more often... otherwise, it's probably on the way out.

edit- this one is helpful imo-
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Using info from the above linked video along with info from previous threads on DW and elsewhere... I now have a 13x7 snare drum which is the loudest freaking drum in the world. Great feel and bounce, nicely balanced, and, not to put too fine a point on things, loud. Like, imagine loud, then double that, then double that, then double that and duck and cover. Not quiet. At all.
Sounds pretty good too, but I think it may want a different batter head. Evans G2 on it now, but I think it may want a Coated Ambassador.


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The Greb birch sounds huge and not like a 13 at all.. It's easily the best snare i have or probably will ever play.
Your enthusiasm is contagious!. It's so cool to see drummers inspired by equiptment..i read that and I almost wanted to stand and salute!.


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I have a couple. My 7x13 DW and a 4x13 PDP 805. I'll be adding more (laughs in sinister).


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