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  1. PorkPieGuy

    A couple of rare snare drums

    I've written about my Legend, but I thought the story and pics are pretty cool, so here goes: So, a good friend of mine with whom I work let me borrow a rare, out-of-production Legend phosphor bronze snare drum. I play it, and I really like it. After a couple of attempts to buy it off of him...
  2. PorkPieGuy

    rack tom size

    The ad says 13 x 9 rack tom. This has got to a 13 x 10 or 13 x 11, right?
  3. PorkPieGuy

    eBay - why do I even try?

    Long story short - Ordered a small rack on eBay. Over-paid for shipping, but it's cool b/c I got a good deal on it. Shipping is just 2 states away (6-hour drive one way). I get a message from the seller stating that I have two options: 1.) Send him more money so he can buy a box to put it in...
  4. PorkPieGuy

    From our gig last night (country music content)

    After months of hauling gear in the heat and humidity, we played in 53 degree temps with a very chilly wind. With that said, we were thankful to be able to gig yet again this weekend. Yes, we were on the back of a giant green military truck. I’m impressed yet again with my Pearl Vision birch...
  5. PorkPieGuy

    For those who use backing tracks, show me your rigs!

    Looking at getting into the backing track game with IEM's. If you have a pic of your rig, please post a pic below. Thanks!
  6. PorkPieGuy

    Snare wires with plastic strip vs string - any differences?

    If this has been discussed before here, feel free to leave a link below. My question is this: is there a difference in sound/response/sensitivity between snare wires that us string vs the strip of plastic? My experience with using both is limited. Thanks!
  7. PorkPieGuy

    My snare likes cheap heads and snare wires

    I bought a Legend phosphor bronze snare drum, and it sounded great. I thought I could make it sound even better replacing the no-name snare wires with some PureSound wires and an Evans 360 300 snare-side head. Nope. It took away a lot of the sensitivity and just didn’t sound the same, even at...
  8. PorkPieGuy

    Can micro-scratches be fixed?

    I picked up a Legend Snare drum with a phosphor bronze shell (shiny finish). It needed some love, and I was advised to use Barkeepers Friend for the shell in order to help it shine and clean it up. I followed the directions, and now my drum shell has micro-scratches all over it. A few feet...
  9. PorkPieGuy

    A short video of us playing this past Saturday

    Someone out in the crowd took a short video of us playing this past Saturday. “In Color” by Jamie Johnson.
  10. PorkPieGuy

    Which hardware pack to get?

    I've been doing this for a long time, and I'll be the first to admit that I should be able to answer this question myself, but I can't. So I need y'all's help. I need the following hardware: Kick drum pedal Two straight stands One boom Two snare stands hi-hat stand Here are some things that I...
  11. PorkPieGuy - Long time to ship?

    Note: This is not a bashing thread. I simply have a question... I ordered some drum heads on Thursday, Aug. 20th. I received a confirmation email that my order had been received. I emailed on Saturday, Aug. 22nd. about a track number/ship date. They said it would be "next week." No problem...
  12. PorkPieGuy

    Which social media platform is best for promoting your drumming?

    I already have a drumming Facebook page, and it gets some traffic, but I’m ready to explore other options. I’m wanting to use it as self-promotion and to document where I’ve been as well. What other platforms do you use, and has it been a good experience for you?
  13. PorkPieGuy

    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else. Maybe you finally get a certain piece of gear, and ever since, everything else just sounds sub-par to you now. Maybe it's a certain set, a snare, or cymbals, but ever since you obtained it, nothing seems to compare to it. Thoughts?
  14. PorkPieGuy

    Killer deal on drum heads TODAY!!!

    I'm not affiliated with this site in any way. I just thought y'all would like a good deal on some drum heads if you need them. I just ordered two sets.
  15. PorkPieGuy

    New-to-me Pearl Vision drums

    I needed a beater kit, so I called my dealer to see what he had. He said he had a couple of sets of Pearl Visions (Birch) sitting around and offered me to demo one of the sets. I brought it home and got to work on it. The kit sounded ok, but I traded out the coated Evans G2 for Remo...
  16. PorkPieGuy

    What’s YOUR go-to for getting a good kick drum sound for rock, country, etc.?

    What’s your process for getting a good, solid thump from your kick drum. I always get a good sound, but I want a great sound! Thanks.
  17. PorkPieGuy

    Ever make your own effects/eq rack for your drums?

    I know that you're thinking...more crap to carry around! Me too. But still, I wanted to see if anyone had done this. Disclaimer: My interest comes from not having a dedicated sound tech at every gig we play. Sometimes we have one and they suck. Sometimes we have another and he's awesome...
  18. PorkPieGuy

    Single-point lugs / tuning question

    I just picked up a Spaun USA snare for a trial period. I noticed that the lugs are single point, as in, there is only one point of contact with the drum shell. Do I need to take any special precautions when tuning, or is it ok just to tune it up like normal? Not my snare, but mine has the...
  19. PorkPieGuy

    PDP mismatched from factory?

    I'm looking into a set of these. Did this mismatch come from the factory like this?
  20. PorkPieGuy

    I never see a lot said about the 7-ply Ludwig Classic Maple snare drums. Why?

    I'm a big fan on the Ludwig Classic Maple drum line. I have a set, and they are some of the best drums I've ever heard. With that said, there are so many threads about a wide variety of snare drums, and I appreciate them all! However, I don't think I've ever seen that many threads (or even...