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    Drum use for situation

    I found the same problems with the vintage hardware. I don't gig anymore, but my solution was to put RIMS mounts on the toms and use DW hardware.
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    Drum Kits under 1k

    I've owned several PDP kits over the years, and the Concept is superbly well made. My only complaint is similar to PorkPieGuy, in that I didn't like the super-deep bass drum (18x22). It's great for rock, but I like to play blues and fusion music, so a 20" bass or a shallow 22" bass is better...
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    Happy October - Show us your Monster

    My DW kit when I first bought it (8 piece). I still have it, but I've sold the 12" tom.
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    This is too good of a deal to pass up

    I'm jealous... the only drums that show up on CL in Arkansas are Mapex junk that have been stored in a garage for 10 years.
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    DW Drums from a Non-DW Player's Perspective

    I have to agree with this sentiment. I have several different sets, and my DW Performance set is simply easy to work with. The toms tuned up to my preferred pitches without any issues at all, and all of them have at least a 2 step range before choking. I have two DW Performance snare drums...
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    Your snare formula

    My go-to snare is a DW Performance 6.4x14". Evans 300 snare side, Evans G2 batter. Unlike most folks here, I like a darker, warm, fat sound, and I do not have the heads cranked tight. In fact, my batter is tighter than my snare head: using a drum Dial, my batter head is tuned to about 80, the...
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    Actually I would be interested in a reborn Slingerland, but I also admit to some skepticism. I have no doubt the quality would be there (and the price tag would reflect it!) but having owned a few Slingerland sets, I'm not sure I want a new one. In my head, it would just be another DW line.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    Actually, it's in great condition! Badge indicates it a 1950-53. Wrap is tight, WMP with some yellowing. It was originally shipped with nickel lugs and rims (which I'm going to get in the trade) but currently it has chrome lugs and rims from the HSS era.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    Honestly, it was because my Ludwig set doesn't have a snare drum. I like the warmth of wood snares, and I had been playing it with my DW snares. I was hoping to find something "in-family" I guess. C'est la vie. Maybe I should try the Ludwig Vintage Mahogany series, but I'll wait and find a...
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    I just wanted to follow up this thread. Working through Sweetwater, Ludwig shipped me a new hoop, which went on perfectly! My only remaining issue is the drum's tone. It sounds very good, very warm. But the Ludwig sounds so close in tone to my DW Performance snares, there is no real reason...
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    Who currently makes Walnut shell drums?

    Precision Drums in New York is offering them, however only in a single config: 14x20, 14x14, 8x12, 5.5x14. I have bought from them before, and Precision does VERY good work!
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    Are overpriced drums worth it ? A Defence of mapex

    My son has a Pork Pie set. This is the best use I've found for it so far:
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    Tama Superstar Classic vs. PDP Concept Maple

    Between my son and me, we've owned several PDP kits, of several vintages. The PDP Concept is a superb set and I certainly recommend it. Both either set will be a change from your vintage Slingerland. The bass drums in particular are deeper and the toms will have more ring.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    It's my Arkansas typing dialect ;).
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    With the PDP hoop and the Evans G2, it sounds great! It tuned up easily, but still had a little of the metal overtone. The tone control add-on mopped up the odd overtone.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    Follow-up: The Ludwig hoop is definitely crimped closer along the bottom. A spare DW head works, but the collar on the Evans is a bit thicker and the hoop won't fit over it. And speaking of the Ludwig hoop... mine is slightly bent out of round. If I try to spin it, I can feel it drag along...
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    Newbie Looking for a Drum Kit

    Yamaha Stage Custom is a good choice. A PDP Concept would be good, too. And thinking about PDP, with some searching the OP might find a good PDP CX set. The CXs were VERY good, and surprisingly playable.
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    So, I bought a new 6.5x14" Ludwig Classic Maple snare drum to add to my vintage Ludwig set. I guess that was my first mistake. Using the stock batter head, it sounded horrible. There was a metal twang overtone coming from the batter head that I couldn't tune out. If I laid a light weight on...
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    Drum ideas for one year old?

    One of the joys of being a grandfather is using your grandchildren to get revenge on your children :cool:. My son doesn't know it yet, but his 7 year odl daughter (my grand) is helping me restore a 1960s Slingerland kit on weekends. When it's done, I'll give it to her. This is my revenge on...
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    I never see a lot said about the 7-ply Ludwig Classic Maple snare drums. Why?

    When I was in high school/college (early 80s) I used to haul my double bass Ludwig around in my Toyota Tercel (photo below is the same model, but not my car). 2 doors, NOT a hatchback. Both bass drums (14x20) were in the back seat, with the rack toms between. Floor tom and snare in the front...