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    Which drums to choose?

    Used Gretsch Renowns. Pro level drums that NEVER detune. Amazing quality for the money.
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    Taping drum heads

    There's always the classic "Flying Bat". Take a small piece of gaffer's tape and place it near the top of the head close to the hoop. Only a small amount of the tape touches the head and it does a bit of muffling. A bigger bat does more muffling of course. I agree with the comment about paying...
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    Going from chain to direct drive

    I switched and now love them. Like everyone said, give it a month or so and you won't look back.
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    Old vs. new

    Well, I love both. I bought a new Gretsch Renown kit that I play as my main kit. I also have a Mapex Meridian Maple which I bought new and sounds as good as anything I've ever played. I refurbed two 1968 Pearl kits with mahogany shells. It was expensive. The lugs were replaced, they were...
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    So I may be experiencing this again

    Play your heads till they die and then join a Doors cover band. Double the life!
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    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    My Paiste 602 pre serial number cymbals. They are the real deal and nothing else sounds anything like them. I told my son that when I die grab the "ugly" cymbals.
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    Gretsch G4160 COB vs Ludwig Acrolite? (For my Gretsch Renown 10/12/16/22 kit)

    I have both...well had. I sold my Gretsch. I liked the chrome over brass honk that it had but I just liked the sound of the Acrolite better at all tunings. JMO
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    Ludwig Acrolites......Reverse Economics?

    A couple of years ago I bought two mint Acrolites for less than $120 each. Those days are long gone. A '66 Acro fetched $350 not that long ago. I'd say the average price now is $150.00 with nice ones over $200 easily.
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    Tune-Bot your method

    Listen to the Temptations, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder et all. Lots and lots of examples. Generally, the toms were tuned high. The snare sound is easy to get with an Acrolite or Supraphonic. I use "Here Comes the Bride" for tom spacing but when...
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    Tune-Bot your method

    I use my tune bot to fine tune the tuning I do by ear. Here is my method: 1. Listen to several Motown tunes. Pay attention to the toms 2. Tune toms to match Mowtown tunes tone. 3. Use tunebot to finely tune frequencies to match. 4. Listen to more Motown tunes.
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    Band names?

    EE E NN Anybody want to take a shot at translating?
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    Band names?

    Toad the Dry Sproket Prison Cake The Floors
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    Interesting bit of Beatles trivia

    It shows. Paul was and is a terrible drummer.
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    News about Gretsch satin tobacco burst finish?

    Sweetwater and Guitar Center have them at $450.00 off. Four-piece kit for less than $1,200.00. That's a deal for sure. I have the Satin Walnut Burst which is similar and they are beautiful drums. My Renowns are the only drums I have that never seem to slip out of tune. All that talk about 5 lugs...
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    Drum kit not in use

    When I went off to college I kept my drum kit set up at my parent's house. I played it when I came home and the occasional gig. When I moved off campus into a house I moved my drum kit. Don't sell it whatever you'll regret it later.
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    Mapex Saturn happened

    Ah, Whatever happened to the days when drums were made out of wood and nobody gave tom mounts a second thought. Somehow we still managed to make great music with fabulous drum sounds.
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    Which set to buy? Mahogany/Poplar shell design. Great drum kit that sounds as good as anything you'll find at twice the price. I bought one just because of the price and it's an amazing drum kit...
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    Finding a drumhead or advice for low tunning

    I've tried just about everything and the Aquarian Performance II clears give me that deep, throaty, low tone without sounding dead. Be careful not to tune too low. What sounds good behind the kit will sound like hitting stuffed animals out front.
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    My favorite sticks

    Anybody else experience quicker hand fatigue with lighter sticks? You'd think it was just the opposite but I tend to relax my hands more with heavier sticks and let them do most of the work using the rebound.
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    Closest thing to a Ludwig Orchestra batter head

    I recently bought a 1967 Ludwig Acrolite. It had around six or seven stick marks on the original Ludwig Orchestra batter head. The drum was virtually unused. I started playing it lately and I can't believe how good it sounds with this head. I have other Acrolites with Remo Ambassadors and they...