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  1. Tommy_D

    Homemade Compact Kit

    Love that turquoise oyster wrap. I have been looking at that for a while trying to figure out if it is more blue or more green. Different pictures online show it varying in color. What are your thoughts? More blue, more green, or a perfect, down the middle teal/turquoise color?
  2. Tommy_D

    New Pearl Masterworks Drum Set Comparison - 4 Kits Head to Head!

    I think Maple/Gum would be my choice of those 4. The toms had a bit of an overtone to them, but that would get lost in a mix. Those floor toms and bass drum sounded great on that kit.
  3. Tommy_D

    Those giant bass drum spurs from the 70s/80s

    I dont know who designed the bass spurs on Moon's Premier kit, but it certainly wasn't a drummer.
  4. Tommy_D

    Tama Stewart Copeland Maintenance

    If the chrome has no pitting or even a hazy finish to it, just clean and wax it. The chrome will look great. Thats what I did with my Tama Rockstar snare (chrome over steel) and it looks like new.
  5. Tommy_D

    Some new Mapex gear in the hizzy. Haters R welcome.

    Nice kit, Darth. My Saturn III kit is definelty geared for rock/metal with its insanely sharp bearing edges, but it does it so well I dont think I would be able to find a kit better suited for the genre. So its sticking with me for life. It also helps that the kit is the best constructed of...
  6. Tommy_D

    Using a ring on the reso?

    It sounds like you want to damp some of the high frequency obertones that typically occur around the edge of the head. As someone mentioned earlier, you could try using a moon gel on the reso, but those don't stick well to reso heads. Something I found that works well for this are Drum Tacs...
  7. Tommy_D

    Yamaha Maple Custom Snare MSD O115 vs Maple Custom Absolute ASD-0105

    I built a snare with double ended single point lugs for the same reasons you state. I felt the tension from both heads on the lug would relieve the stress on the shell. I still used fender washers on them, but probably could have gotten away without that. I do take special care when...
  8. Tommy_D

    Modern drum finishes and sun fading

    Best and cheapest drum covers I have found are actually light weight car covers. Tons of them are on eBay for like $25. If you keep your kits close enough to eachother, you can easily cover 2 kits with one.
  9. Tommy_D

    Mapex 30th Anniversary kick drum hoops issue..

    Are the hoops slightly out of round? That can happen on a wood hoop that isn't under tension (ie, the drum was sitting apart for a while). I think I know what you are talking about with he hoop not trying to seat properly and I have tried to correct the problem by just being careful when...
  10. Tommy_D

    Ever regret buying a drumset?

    I've bought and sold a lot of drum gear. I cant say I regret any of it. Its all been a big learning experience for me. One thing I did learn is that more expensive drums doesn't mean better sounding or better quality drums. I've stated here many times before that my PDP Concept Maple kit...
  11. Tommy_D

    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    I never told you how you should operate, nor told you how you should be morally obligated to anyone or anything. I think you are misunderstanding my side of the debate. I'm trying to pose a different approach to the matter where time and wisdom can bring a more established overall experience...
  12. Tommy_D

    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    I don't think political correctness has anything to do with it. I just believe that if you have an issue with something, in this case a drum set, that you bring up that issue with the company first before bringing it up on a public forum. While many of the veteran people here can see that your...
  13. Tommy_D

    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    I got to agree with Darth Vater here. I have been in Fess's situation where a high end kit was sent to me with quality control issues. Did I complain about it on a forum to a bunch of people, potentially hurting a companies ability to sell their product? No. I contacted the rep I dealt with...
  14. Tommy_D

    Yamaha Maple Custom Snare MSD O115 vs Maple Custom Absolute ASD-0105

    I believe the first round of Maple Customs with the gold single point lugs were built with lugs of a poor design. They look the same as the later ones on the outside, but the inside had the mounting screw towards the tension rod receiver end instead of opposite it. This leads to the lug trying...
  15. Tommy_D

    Different reso weights for different toms?

    I've done coated G1's as resos, clear G1's, Genera Resos and EC Resos. My favorite are the Genera Resos. They work for pretty much everything unless you want a really warm tone. Then go with coated G1's. The EC Resos I use on my Saturn kit because it has some of the sharpest bearing edges of...
  16. Tommy_D

    Cascio Interstate Music News

    I've bought lost of stuff from interstate music over the years. Fast shipping, no nonsense and they have high quality gear at good prices, especially when they have their big coupon codes.
  17. Tommy_D

    Trade 2019 Gretsch USA Custom for 2018 Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple?

    Both are nice its but they definitely will sound different. Overall, I think USA Customs have more mojo than the Yamahas. The Yamahas are nice, but they are sort of blah to me when compared to a USA Custom. Certainly there are more USA Customs in the world than YAHM kits, but desirability of...
  18. Tommy_D

    Tom positioning

    I think you have your tom mount in backwards. Try rotating the mount 180 degrees and see if that pushes the toms closer by a couple inches.
  19. Tommy_D

    Differences between symphonic and "normal" drums?

    These are just Superstar Classic drums with direct mounted tom mounts. I'm sure that direct mount plays a small role is subduing the resonance which is good for quick percussive sounds (symphonic orchestras tend to like that sound) but a bit of moon gel, a different head, or a slightly...