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  1. boomboomda

    Recording of my band

    Hi guys, Some of you may remember me, After living in the US for 18 years I am approaching now my first year in my home country Germany again. Just wanted to post a recording we did, it's in german though. Thanks for listening
  2. boomboomda

    Fatback groove practice

    Fatback groove practice with MP3 Thanks to Terry Branam's transcription of Dennis Chamber's "fatback groove", and I also just received my microphone cables I hooked everything up and played around with the groove a little. It's played at about 100bpm. I am not claiming to play this note by...
  3. boomboomda

    Terry Bozzio coming to Tampa

    October 28th Terry Bozzio at All Pro Percussion in Tampa. I know we have some drummers in this area. Who is going? $8.00 a ticket.
  4. boomboomda

    Vaughncraft maple snare

    This is a Vaughncraft snare I've built. It's a Maple solid steambent shell 14x6 with stainless steel quick release lugs. Here are the pics