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    Closest thing to a Ludwig Orchestra batter head

    I recently bought a 1967 Ludwig Acrolite. It had around six or seven stick marks on the original Ludwig Orchestra batter head. The drum was virtually unused. I started playing it lately and I can't believe how good it sounds with this head. I have other Acrolites with Remo Ambassadors and they...
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    Question about Ludwig snare wires

    Can any of you Ludwig historians help me out with a question about snare wires on Ludwig snares? I'm trying to figure out what would be the original wires that came on the following drums: 1967 Acrolite 1966 Supraphonic 1971 Supraphonic 1980 Acrolite 1980 Supraphonic 1978 Acrolite Thanks in advance.
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    Another Acrolite Thread?

    Only to follow up on my "What I've learned since I started recording myself" thread. My three Acrolites record beautifully. I've got them tuned differently with different heads. My '67 is my favorite. It's cranked near Roundabout/Yes pitch. It was a closet queen and still has the original...
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    Best way to keep tension rods tight

    Most of my snare drums have the same problem. Where I hit the snare for rim shots the tension rod next to it gets loose, some quicker than others. What do you guys do to solve this problem? I know about tight screw rods but I've never used them. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Heavy rides anyone?

    I just took a chance on a 70's Zildjian 20" heavy ride cymbal. It's 2689 grams and in perfect condition with a beautiful patina. Heavy rides seem to be out of fashion at the moment, hence the low price. I must say at first listen I'm very surprised at how great it sounds. It has a medium-low...
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    Playing my 1967 Ludwig Acrolite

    Well, I finally got time to play my new (to me) 1967 Ludwig Acrolite. It is mint, it even has the original Ludwig Orchestra batter head that was almost unplayed. I figure somebody back in the day wanted to take lessons and then changed their mind. It must've sat in a closet forever because it...
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    What I've learned since I started recording myself

    Since I now have more free time on my hands I decided to record myself. I've done this before but not to this extent. At first, I was just recording my various snare drums to see the differences in sound. Then I recorded simple rock beats and added a few shuffles. Here is a summary of what I...
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    Building a Bop Kit

    OK, I need a little advice here. I'm building a bop kit from some orphan drums I have lying around. I'm using a 16 x 15 floor tom as the bass drum. I want to drill the shell and mount a Pearl tom mount on it so I can use it to mount one tom and one cymbal. My question is where should it go? How...
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    Ahead S Hoops. WOW!

    I'm going to try to make this NOT sound like a commercial but...I just replaced my 2.3mm Gibraltar triple flange hoops with Ahead S hoops on my 1968 Pearl Super Deluxe kit. Wow, what a difference! I had been fiddling with the tuning on the 12 and 13" mounted toms because they weren't quite...
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    Question about Ludwig Classic Maples

    I'm selling my 2013 Gretsch Renowns and replacing them with Ludwig Classic Maples. I've played the Ludwigs and love the way they sound. My question concerns the bearing edges on the Ludwigs. I've spoken to more than one person who had issues with less than perfect bearing edges on the CMs...
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    Pearl BB3 replacement

    Does anyone know of an exact replacement for the Pearl BB-3 bass drum tom mount? I'm looking for a mount with the same hole spacing but with a single arm design instead of double. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Serendipity with drums

    So, I took an old Pearl wood/fiberglass shell that has been stripped and ready to be recovered out to work on the other day. It is a 16 x 16 floor tom. I had various and sundry heads laying around but only two new ones that fit it. I decided to put hardware on the shell and give it a try to see...
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    Fiberglass drum repair

    I just purchased a set of Pearl wood/fiberglass shells that I believe are from the 70's. They are mahogany on the outside and fiberglass blown inside. The mounted toms have no wrap but have three holes for the Pearl mounts. I'm interested in filling these holes and repairing the fiberglass...
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    Top 5 songs to get people to dance

    I'm working with a new band now and we're going to be playing a couple of gigs soon. What are your top five songs to get people up to dance? I'm curious to see what you guys think. Thanks in advance.
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    Sabian's New Logo

    Somebody go tell Sabian the story of New Coke. This looks like a huge marketing mistake to me. SABIAN ANNOUNCES NEW BRAND AT NAMM 2019 4 DAYS AGO WHAT’S WITH THE NEW SABIAN LOGO? Things are changing around here. We announced a new brand direction at the NAMM show this January. We have a new...
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    The magic of a simple kit

    Lately I've gone back to playing my three piece kit and loving it. It's a standard one up one down 22,13 and 16 configuration. My other kits are either five or six pieces and for the life of me I don't enjoy playing them as much so they just sit most of the time. Part of it I'm sure is that I...
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    Question about hole spacing

    OK, So I'm re-doing a Pearl Tiger's Eye kit and the new lugs I bought for the toms are just the tiniest bit too small for the hole spacing. It's close but the lugs won't fit snugly in the holes at this point. I'm thinking about using a rasp and gently enlarging the top of the bottom hole to get...
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    I finally did it.

    I finally made the decision to clean my 60's 15" Zildjian hi hats. The "Patina" had gone from a medium brown to a black, ugly, mottled combination of green patches and just plain crud. Getting off fifty years of dirt and grime took some work but I was rewarded with that beautiful orange...
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    Cymbal Repair

    Can someone recommend a good cymbal repair company? I have a pre serial number Paiste 602 that has a 3/4" crack on the edge. It's a 16" cymbal so I'd like to have it made into a 15" if possible. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    From 3 up two down to 1 up 1 down

    Just set up my classic Pearls in 1 up 1 down configuration. I haven't practiced that way in a while although every jam I go to has this setup. I was amazed at how it changes your thinking and creativity. Just enjoying the heck out of it right now and not missing those extra drums. The fill...