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  1. Terry Branam

    Dunnett R4L or Ludwig p88AC?

    Hey everyone, My p86 strainer has finally called it quits, and I need to replace it (5x14 Supra). Anyone had any luck with either of these? Thanks!
  2. Terry Branam

    Modern Drummer article out this month

    Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce that I have a piece running in this month's Modern Drummer on Richard Spaven's work. If you are not hip to him, Check this out: Lots of cool beats and phrasing to dissect. You can see the transcriptions (including this beat) at the link below or in this...
  3. Terry Branam

    Vinnie C. fill transcription

    Vinnie C. fill transcription ** updated with bonus solo! Hey all, thought you might like this little fill that I transcribed today. It's from the video here: Enjoy and have fun with it!!! :)
  4. Terry Branam

    Gary Novak transcription inside!

    Hey everybody, I've been busy this summer doing a lot of cool projects, and had time this week to do a little transcription of Gary Novak. I've had a few requests to check this one out, and I must say that it's pretty wild! Fasten your seatbelts... Video is here...
  5. Terry Branam

    The remote speedy hat

    Hey everybody, I was at PASIC this year and ran into my friend Bill Bachman. He showed me this new hi hat stand design that he came up with, and I was pretty blown away by it! I've never played a hi hat stand that felt so smooth, and the cool thing is, you can place it anywhere you want to. It...
  6. Terry Branam

    Buddy Rich Transcription inside!

    Hey everyone, I was just looking through my archives, and unearthed this Buddy transcription I did a couple of years ago. I thought I would share it here as a little holiday gift. It's from this amazing video: I almost forgot that...
  7. Terry Branam

    A Vinnie Solo for you all....

    Hey everybody, I can't remember if I shared this here, but here is one of my favorite Vinnie solos to play through. This is an old transcription of mine from the "archives". I heard this track for the first time in a while, and thought a few folks here would dig it. Enjoy! Terry...
  8. Terry Branam

    Vinnie Colaiuta transcription article in the March MD

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that Modern Drummer is running a crazy Vinnie Colaiuta transcription (with lesson) that I recently did. It's from guitarist Oz Noy's latest album "Fuzzy" on a tune called "Evidence". MD put the first half of it in the mag and the complete...
  9. Terry Branam

    Theft is a drag!

    Hey everyone, Just had to vent for a second... I live in Chicago and last night while my wife and I were at a late rehearsal, we came back to our car to find a smashed window and missing items. Unfortunately, one of those items happened to be my cymbal bag! I foolishly brought my bag back to...
  10. Terry Branam

    "Beyond the Blushda" MD article

    Hey everybody, Just wanted to let everybody know about an article I wrote about one of my favorite drum licks, the "Blushda" for Modern Drummer magazine. I am proud of this one, and I think you all might dig the content. The article runs in the November issue (on shelves first week of Oct.)...
  11. Terry Branam

    The new Kiko Freitas clips are great! If you haven't seen these yet, do yourself the favor. Thanks Bernhard!
  12. Terry Branam

    Dave Dicenso transcription

    Hey everybody, I did this transcription of the first section of Dave Dicenso's solo at the MD '06 festival. Dave is one of my favorite players and I wanted to share this with you all. Hudson Music released the teaser clip which you can see here...