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  1. Togg

    Roland acoustic trigger problems

    I have recently purchased two triggers the RT 10 series the Kick and the snare. I am using them with a Roland TD 6V (which I know was designed before the triggers were) I am having issues with the snare trigger firing when the Bass guitar is playing on stage. I have tried adjusting the...
  2. Togg

    Loss of too many drum shops in the UK

    I have been playing for over 30 years in the time too many drum shops have come and gone, they seem to be dropping like flys at the moment. Birmingham Drum Centre now ebay only...groan! Professional percussion gone Footes closing hopefully re-opening somewhere Musical Exchanges Birmingham gone...
  3. Togg

    15" hi hats vs 14"

    As a long time Roger Taylor fan I have been collecting a copy of his kit for 30+ years. The final part of the puzzle was 15" New Beats which have been very difficult to get hold of in the UK. I assumed I could pick a set up in a number of drum stores however it was not to be they never stocked...
  4. Togg

    Update on fading Ludwig wrap

    OK, to get you all up to speed here is the situation... I have a very large Ludwig kit in silver sparkle, some dates from 76' right up to 2011. Toms purchased direct from ludwig and built for me in 2003-2005 have turned yellow. Now I dont smoke, the kit is stored in protection racket cases, it...
  5. Togg

    Help needed

    Hi Folks I have a problem with the finish on the kit and wondered if anyone had any ideas? I have a Ludwig Silver Sparkle Kit, some of which dates from 1976 and the rest around 2000, the 1976 part is fine however the more recently purchased (and built for me by Ludwig) has started to change...
  6. Togg

    Boy the room makes a difference

    For the last couple of years we have been rehearsing in a room that had a fairly high ceiling with plastered walls and ceiling. Recently the room was refurbished and they put in a lower ceiling with effectively more office ceiling type tiles. WOW what a difference it has made, before the kit...
  7. Togg

    Ddrum triggers

    Does anyone use them here? I would like to trigger a sampled sound from my Bass drum and wondered if they can trigger a standard drum machine (I have an Alesis Performance Pad) Or do I have to get the Ddrum sound module? How have you guys used them? do they work well? etc etc
  8. Togg

    Drumming shoes

    So, I have been searching for some time to find something suitable. Modern trainers are too thick and you get no feel from them, normal shoes are too slippy and have no grip. So what do you do?? I first thought of rock climbing shoes, but they are too in-flexible, I looked at cycling shoes but...
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    Anyone got any? Do you find them useful?, who else makes them other than Tama? And can you get them in different colours? Oh one more thing... What are they retailing at these days?
  10. Togg

    6.5" or 8" ? that old question!

    OK, so, I play Luddies, and have a 6.5" maple snare, just seen an 8" version S/H in good nick in my local retailer, always wanted one... So, what are they like, too tubby and thumpy, no bright tones at all? or deep and powerful? My kit is basically a Roger Taylor (Queen ) Clone, he uses both...
  11. Togg

    Roger Taylor new kits

    Hi Not sure if this has been mentioned here yet (did a search but found nothing) Roger Taylor of Queen has switched from his classic Ludwid set up on the new tour to two DW sets Check out the shots (hopefully now attached!) One DW Maple Kit and one DW Black + Gold kit