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  1. Morrisman

    Yamaha Maple Hybrid tuning problems

    These are hook lugs right? You can visually set all the screws the same length before you hook them onto the shell. And while the head is still fairly loose - press the centre to check the ripples are the same all around. Good point about the Yess mount - the distance along the hexrod can...
  2. Morrisman

    Fired for COVID/ Age

    Disappointing. How long have you been in the band? Regarding covid - the drummer is probably the most isolated member of the band. And over 70’s don’t catch/spread the virus more than younger folk, although they are more likely to get seriously sick if they do catch it. Either way, disappointing.
  3. Morrisman

    Needing some advice with changing snare wires

    I think the snares are either upside down or the straps are threaded the wrong way through the slots, making the snares pivot away from the head as they get tighter. Look closely at the edges of the snare wires - do the plates sit flat against the drumhead?
  4. Morrisman

    Pronunciation thread

    Met a guy yesterday who showed me his new so-nar kit, then his star-vay snare. Turns out its a stave snare. Reminds me of playing a 3-2 clave on a pair of claves. (The snare was made of jarrah, which almost rhymes with sparrow). And of course there’s no ‘A’ in Sonor.
  5. Morrisman

    Tom mics?

    I often play with 1, 2 or 3 mics. Kick first, then either snare or overhead next depending on the size of the room. If the overhead is picking up toms, keep it away from cymbals as much as possible, or else you’ll have up front cymbals overpowering distant toms. With two overheads, place one...
  6. Morrisman

    Anybody use a riser with a 20" bass drum?

    Can you post a photo of the lifter and the pedal? I’d like to see how it fits in real life.
  7. Morrisman

    Some great song learning apps here

    These sound really interesting. I shall spend some time exploring them this weekend. Thanks for posting.
  8. Morrisman

    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    Someone mentioned a djembe - I’ve had one for a few years and finally used it for a paid gig last weekend. Due to covid restrictions, a trio I’m in performed as two acoustic guitars with percussion. I sat in a cajon and played djembe, plus some tambourine and vocals. Slightly uncomfortable, but...
  9. Morrisman

    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    Double bass pedal - sold that within a month. Splash cymbal - lent it to someone for five years, now its sits in my cupboard. K Custom Rides - a Session and a Regular - heavy, dead, lifeless, never use them. Lent one to a uni student. Other one sits in the cupboard. Found a larger matching bass...
  10. Morrisman

    Another drum tuning thread

    Interesting - I find the exact opposite! Maybe its because I tune the reso higher than the batter? For me the reso gives the note, batter provides the feel of the stick sinking into the head and the rebound. Now I'm intrigued! I'm going to do some experimenting.
  11. Morrisman

    Yamaha part number question

    My understanding with the A and B label is that some have a longer hex arm than others. You can also get holders with a longer base tube, for use as a single tom mount in a four piece kit (like the SC bop kit). Note, if you order the wrong legth hex arm, you can use the one from your old mount.
  12. Morrisman

    Shell mounting my pearl midtown tom

    Washers are enough - especially if you don’t drill the centre hole.
  13. Morrisman


    Are you looking for songs which feature girls’ names? How about Peggy Sue, Mona Lisa, Valerie, (wake up little) Suzy, Cherry Cherry, Prudence, Eleanor Rigby, Jude, Marie Marie, Boney Maroni (?), Evie (in Australia), Sharona, Gloria.
  14. Morrisman

    Shell mounting my pearl midtown tom

    Its not a top of the range kit, so there’s not much to lose. If it makes your life easier then go for it. My old kits with bolt on mounts don’t sound any worse than my modern ones. One thing though, if you can get a tom arm that’s around the right length, then you won’t have to drill the big...
  15. Morrisman

    A tool for sight-reading?

    Noteflight has sheet music you can sing or play along with, then it draws a graph of your playing to show how accurate you were. I don’t know if there’s a percussion section though.
  16. Morrisman

    Another drum tuning thread

    For comparison - when I’m playing rock on my Catalina Jazz kit, the 14 floor tom produces a low E. That’s with a coated Emperor on top and coated Ambassador reso. The low E is essentially the note the bottom head makes on its own. Note: I had to add softer rubber feet to get them drum to...
  17. Morrisman

    Another drum tuning thread

    Overall I agree with cbphoto. But if you're going for a jazz sound the tom is about right. I personally prefer a deeper tone - I would loosen the top head a bit and leave the bottom head there. Floor tom OK but I'd loosen the top a little bit too. Snare could be tighter - will have a quicker...
  18. Morrisman

    HH Clutch Treads Rubbing On Cymbal

    You can do two layers of heatshrink if one seems too thin...
  19. Morrisman

    HH Clutch Treads Rubbing On Cymbal

    I set some heatshrink tubing over the middle of the thread. The felt washers can still get past while it protects the cymbal. One of my New Beats was getting very slightly keyholed, almost in a square shape. This has fixed it.
  20. Morrisman

    Mixer for full drum miking

    I've been very happy with the Zoom L-12, which can be a mixer, a multitrack recorder, a USB interface or all three. Has 8 XLR inputs, records to a memory card so you don't need to take a computer to gigs. Can also record up to 14 separate tracks at once via USB to a computer. There's a cheaper...