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  1. bud7h4

    Taller snare stands

    I need recommendations for a snare stand slightly taller than the usual max height of about 24-25" and I need at least 26", or 660mm. But I don't want one of those "extra tall" concert stands. Just a taller, regular stand. So far the tallest I've found is 25". Just barely too short. Edit: I'm...
  2. bud7h4

    Pair of cymbals delivered today LOL

    Delivery guaranteed in 3 days or less or your money back!
  3. bud7h4

    Zildjian A Custom vs Avedis Zildjian A Custom

    Could someone please explain to me the difference(s) between a modern A custom crash and a modern A custom crash with the Avedis label? Edit: is that just two versions of the company logo and nothing more?
  4. bud7h4

    Barney Miller theme song

    The keyboard on some versions comes in on "one" with the drums, but on other versions it's early. Season 3 in particular, I thought it was on the "4 and" of the bass guitar 16th notes, but I realized it always felt slightly later than that. I think it's actually on the last 32nd note triplet...
  5. bud7h4

    Looking for a great sounding 4" snare

    Either 14x4 or 13x4. I've seen videos of Tama's SLP brass and maple 14X4 piccolos and from what I can tell they sound amazing. They seem to be discontinued and I've only found two or three used ones for sale around $450. Has anyone here played these? What else should I look at in this price...
  6. bud7h4

    Something I've noticed about Meshuggah

    Their music, their sound, is so remarkably consistent, yet every single song is it's own monolithic entity within that larger, focused structure. Obviously other bands share these qualities, but the extent to which Meshuggah does is extraordinary. Just thinking out loud., waiting on my pizza lol.
  7. bud7h4

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    I don't necessarily mean excellent musicianship, I just mean you just love every song on the album. Take Zeppelin for example, I consider myself a fan. Yet on every album there are songs that are really out there (for my taste) and I don't ever listen to those songs, making the album something I...
  8. bud7h4

    sites with an online "drum builder"

    Are there any (with cymbals) that give you an offset tom(s) option to work with? I've used Sabian's before and it's very nice but none of their templates have offsets..
  9. bud7h4

    Cymbals tilting, worn felts? (Update in OP)

    A common occurrence I'm sure, but even though my crashes are level, the felts lose their shape and the cymbal(s) start leaning in the direction of the wedged felt. Are there felts made of better material that won't do this? Or at least last longer? I've read about Cympads and the concensus is...
  10. bud7h4

    Bonzo did this often . . . . and did it well!

    From 2:13 to 2:16 "Stay where you are, back beat, I'll be right back!" (The video doesn't match the audio unfortunately.)
  11. bud7h4

    Will a Tama Star-Cast mount open enough to fit a DW L-Rod (12.5mm)?

    Update: problem solved, I found some 10.5mm L-Rods in my parts bin. Tama L-rods are 10.5 mm, but I already have 12.5 mm L-rods. Just wondering if these will squeeze into the Tama mount and hold me over until my 10mm rods arrive (about 6 days after the drums get here).
  12. bud7h4

    Wow Fedex - now delivering in 1982 Deloreans

    Ordered my Starclassic kit yesterday. Tracking said estimated delivery Mon 27. Checked later in the day and it said Sun 26. Checked again tonight and it says Sat 25. Maybe if I keep checking it will have arrived this morning! Hold on there's someone at the door . . . .
  13. bud7h4

    Starclassic walnut/birch or BB?

    Should I buy the newer walnut/birch shells or get a BB while I still can?
  14. bud7h4

    Kick port hole protective rings

    I have an Evans EMAD res head missing the protective/damping ring for the port hole. I don't see an OEM part available. Which one(s) should I buy?
  15. bud7h4

    Piano apps for smart phone

    I'm looking for a piano app to reference notes while tuning. Which ones are people using? (Android)
  16. bud7h4

    new crash sound vs used crash sound

    Bought a new K Custom Dark 17 and almost returned it because it wasn't opening up as nicely as my 16 and 18 (the other two would "crash" with much lighter hits). But after playing it only a few days it now opens up like the others. Is this common, especially after such a short time?
  17. bud7h4

    Funny thing about my first kit

    Got my first drum set for my 10th birthday in the 70s. Don't know the brand, just a really old, bare (grainy) wood 5 pc kit with no res heads. The pedal was an ancient Slingerland and the 3 cymbals were awful (looking back now). But for six years it never once occurred to me to upgrade...
  18. bud7h4

    tune-bot calculator - quick question

    What does the "Pitch Adjustment" value refer to? Options: -3 -2 -1 default 1 2 3 Edit: okay I think I get it. Use that to change the values for lower/higher note by up to 3 semitones. I think.
  19. bud7h4

    What's a good music player to run though mixing board

    I just need a basic player for playing along to music at home. Something like Ipod is overkill for me, I don't even need internet. But I do obviously need quality sound and strong output.
  20. bud7h4

    Oi !! He's right, I can't do it!

    The guitar player in this video explains the difficulty in singing the backup vocals ("Oi ... Oi ... Oi") on AC/CD's song TNT while playing the rhythm guitar part. I can tap the "Oi" while playing the guitar part easily enough, so limb separation, per se, isn't a problem. Although the...