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  1. ottog1979

    COVID and Creativity

    Early on the COVID train was more tolerable ("It'll be over soon enough."). But here in California, with the resurgence of cases in the last 6 weeks it's been more depressing for me. As we all now know, it's going to be a while. And, I'm already in a gig/concert-starved state. Not playing...
  2. ottog1979

    COVID and Creativity

    Momentary hi-jack continuation: I'd like to give a big thumbs up and shout out to DW and the moderators on this forum for the diligence on the no politics rule. We get bombarded daily with so much political crap and it's REALLY nice to come to a place to read and talk about a shared interest...
  3. ottog1979

    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    Based on my experience "B" combined with the above. I'm in an original band that's had several replacement members over the last 3 years. Within the same groove & feel, we've always suggested that new members can put their own stamp on their parts or suggest and idea they have. A little bit...
  4. ottog1979

    Memorable practice of the drum

    Today for me too! I'm so excited! I stumbled accidentally on how to use an exercise I've been working with for a while to play a part in a song that I could never fully pull off. Now I can play nearly the same part I've been struggling with for several years greasy & groovy!!
  5. ottog1979

    Should I stay or should I go....

    Why I've never invested in PA gear other than just my drum mic & cords.
  6. ottog1979

    Stupid question..

    Following... (same stand/question).
  7. ottog1979

    I need help..not with drumming, but 'being in a band'.

    Everyone has shortcomings. It's the human condition/experience. The trick is finding those with shortcomings that are no biggie and just fine with you. To continually subject yourself to those that agitate you is not the agitators' issue.
  8. ottog1979

    I've been given a song list

    See! You've already started the adventure.
  9. ottog1979

    I've been given a song list

    Looks fun. Just about every new band uptake is a great growing adventure.
  10. ottog1979

    Back to basics?

    Oh my! How about this one too:
  11. ottog1979

    Carrying stands, pedals and other PITAs

    I use this below. Not as big as the golf bag size, but big enough to fit everything except my drums (4 or 5 piece) & cymbal bag: stands, pedal, throne, stick bag, tambourine, cow bell. I have it down so I only have to take the top section off each stand & high hat...
  12. ottog1979

    Don't buy a uh, I mean a venue.

    Given this awareness on DW, you'd think there'd be a softer, more cooperative stance towards venues by musicians/bands.
  13. ottog1979

    If Artists Were In The Power Position

    Bermuda for (corporate) President! Railing against "the Man", "corporations", etc., or really any other "side" that's easy to deamonize with commonly repeated generalizations most often comes from a lack of understanding of context or viewpoint from the other side. Thanks Bermuda for...
  14. ottog1979

    Rick Dior on Warming Up before playing

    I never used to warm up but started religiously doing so 3-4 years ago for every gig. I found that it consistently took 3-4 songs in to find and sink into the groove. But then, why waste the first three songs waiting to feel good? I bring a pad and sometimes an extra throne. If it's a bar gig...
  15. ottog1979

    Proper Music

    Rock music is NOT dead. Proof:
  16. ottog1979

    Staying Motivated

    I wouldn't be too hopeful with your ultimatum. The hard reality is this: By adulthood, people are who they are. I've cajoled, encouraged, recommended, nagged, etc. But the same problems persist. I'm the only one in the band continually taking lessons on my instrument (mainly because I...
  17. ottog1979

    Staying Motivated

    THIS! I'm in two bands: A straight cover/bar band - collectively we're decent but most all of the work is done at band practice, members come in partially prepared at best and we spend most of practice getting the individual parts down (one guy in particular). My second band is a combo...
  18. ottog1979

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Very nice. Love the relaxed feel of your drum part.