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  1. Icetech

    Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons

    Igoes great hands is one of the best thing i have seen as far as helping my drumming.. really surprised me.
  2. Icetech

    This Is Why I Cringe When Someone Says They Want To do A Pink Floyd Song

    Would love to pick on these.. but i don't have the guts to get out of my basement.. soo.. good for them :) least they are trying.
  3. Icetech

    20” kicks anyone?

    Eventually i will replace the kit one day if i find a deal on another that i like.. it's not a big enough deal to break up the kit or buy spares.. just is what it is :)
  4. Icetech

    Post Your Greatest Weakness ?

    Greatest weaknesses... Drumming.. and redheads...
  5. Icetech

    20” kicks anyone?

    Well that and i only play for me.. so i'm not THAT picky bout the sound.. but am sick of trying to get my kit in a way that's comfy when i don't like a high throne.. it is what it is.. one day i will get some yamahas and be happy :)
  6. Icetech

    20” kicks anyone?

    I wish i had gone 20".. i have a 22 and can't get my toms as low as i would like :( If i ever get another kit it will be with a 20.
  7. Icetech

    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    I was trying different brands and was stuck on promark for quite awhile, but after my first batch of vaters (Fision hickorys) I have never tried another stick.. i don't know what they do differently but the balance to me feels so much better than any others i have tried and they seem to last a...
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    I have owned one for just over 5 years now.. it has never left my kit and i love it. BUT as Bermuda said, if you get it dialed in write down your settings or mark them somehow.. it's really easy to adjust the pedal into a way that will make you not like it and i did that slowly over like a year...
  9. Icetech

    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    Sadly the lockdown hasn't changed a thing for me.. still working 70 hours a week and then home alone... drumming 2-4 hours a night as usual :)
  10. Icetech

    Earthquake during my practice tonight

    Being in michigan we pretty much never get earthquakes, i can only think of one in my lifetime, and it was the weirdest feeling.. it will make you feel pretty small too.. Nature doesn't mess around :)
  11. Icetech

    What Are You Doing While Riding Out This Period Of Social Isolation?

    Nothing.. sadly this hasn't changed my life once bit.. still working 70 hours and still sitting at home waiting to go to work.. Now if they said i was forced to go out i would have issues..
  12. Icetech

    Igoe 14-day Challenge

    I didnt' know he was doing this.. BUT his great hands for life or whatever it was called is one of the best things i have ever seen for drumming.. helped me a ton.
  13. Icetech

    Aquarian Heads Made In Mexico?

    I absolutely LOVE Aquarian, and i believe when they moved they made sure to move so close to the border they were able to keep on long time employees which is awesome. I am using their american vintage head on my snare and i had one split after a few days (only head i have ever had an issue...
  14. Icetech

    Ever had a band or genre of music that you shouldn't like...but you do?

    I never hated H&O but never really was a big fan.. but Daryl's house is amazing.. i drum along with the ceelo green one quite a bit and their versions of lowdown and pick up the pieces are fun also :)
  15. Icetech

    Anyone else get discouraged selling on Craigslist because of all the flakes and low-ballers?

    When i stopped playing guitar a few years ago i also stopped building tube amps.. i had a big plastic tub of fender transformers from the late 50's to early 70's and reverb tanks and misc parts.. Put it all on CL for $100 just so it would goto someone that might use the stuff. After a week of...
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    New Forum at a standstill?????

    Wow, i haven't been here in like 6 weeks... i didn't know about the change? i looked in preferences but didn't see anyway to set a dark mode or a way to make it how it used to look? Is this correct? I like change.. but i think the old forum was perfect :( Still not as bad as another drum forum...
  17. Icetech

    Split a snare head for the first time..

    So.. recently i bought an aquarian American vintage (i have a stave snare that's slightly oversize) and fell in love with it. ended up on my rogers dyna.. Last night i was playing and went to start another song and the head had split along the bearing edge.. I have never had a head split. and...
  18. Icetech

    "Punk" on EPiX

    Just wanted to mention this for any old punk fans or new i guess.. 3 episodes out so far and is easily the best punk documentary i have seen.. starts back with the MC5 and Stooges and works up from there.. interviews with a lot of big names and great footage..
  19. Icetech

    This is why i like jazz...

    Ok.. not sure what genre.. but i just ran into this and have to post it.. and i thought drummers would like it :) Be warned.. the longer you listen the better it gets, i think it's a trap of some type.. The Shaggs
  20. Icetech

    Bad Rogers replacement wires?

    Just curious if anyone has replaced their rogers wires with new wires from the new rogers? When i got my snare the orignal wires were pretty bad. ordered new ones. It's been about 8 months and just felt underneath and a third wire has come out of the end.. I had 2 of the wires come off about...