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  1. Good Karma

    Ankle weights?

    I read an article about improving your foot speed, single or double bass pedals by using ankle weights. The theory is, the faster you get with the weights on once you remove them you're even faster. Has anyone ever used this method and does it actually improve your foot speed or is this just...
  2. Good Karma

    What is this

    Doing some Spring cleaning and found this in my drum junk box. I have no idea what this is, where it came from or what its for.
  3. Good Karma

    Shoes or no shoes

    Does anyone else have issues with foot techniques with or without shoes.
  4. Good Karma

    Clear Snare Side Resonant Drum Head

    Any suggestions on a resonant head replacement for a 14" snare. I'm using a Remo controlled sound coated with a black dot on the batter side. Thanks for the feedback
  5. Good Karma

    Drum throne

    I need a new throne, I'm considering one with a backrest. Worth it or a waste of $$$$ Thanks for the positive feedback
  6. Good Karma

    I don't want to piss off my nieghbors

    As of March 21st the IL. Governor shut down the state so I will have free time to practice more then normal. Someone on Drummerworld posted videos using I think Remo silent stroke heads. At the time I didn't read to much about it. But having respect for my nieghbors I don't want to cause even...
  7. Good Karma

    My dog has allergies

    He's has skin, grain and seasonal allergies. Anyone have a dog with symptoms like this. If so, how are you addressing these issues.
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    Shuffle beat

    I've always struggled with a shuffle beat so I never really practiced them. The last few weeks I've been forcing myself to try and learn a few different patterns and I'm really starting to enjoy these beats. I'm up to 90 bpm and they still sound clean and in time. So my question is, what max bpm...
  9. Good Karma

    Storing drum shells?

    I'm sure this question had been asked before at some point. This is a extra practice kit that will be stored in an temperature controlled room for probably about 6 months. Should I leave the heads tight or loose? Should I stack them like you see in music store or not? Space is not a concern...
  10. Good Karma

    My hands are faster than my foot (single kick pedal)

    Practicing triplets (R l r L r l R l r L r l)a basic hand pattern. ( counted as 1 trip let 2 trip let......The book I'm studying tell me to put my kick drum with the accents. I'm kinda stuck at a certain bbp. Cant seem to get past this. But I can play this pattern twice as fast if I put my...
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    Worth watching (funny)

  12. Good Karma

    PDP Double-tom Bass Drum Mount

    Can anyone tell me the overall length of the down tube?
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    I'm new to Drummerworld as a member, I've used it some over years as a non member to find specific answers to questions that i was in search of. I never really read any of the other threads unless pertained to my search. After i joined i soon realized that we are not all here for the love of...
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    drum beats/fills (sheet music)

  15. Good Karma

    Immigrant song/Tama 910

  16. Good Karma


    I have the opportunity to purchase an older drum set that is in need of a restoration. I'm thinking of sanding it down and restaining the shells as a winter project. How important is it to keep the stain/ lacquer off the bearing edges? I've never attempted something like this before, could go...
  17. Good Karma

    Pure Massacre

    The Band Silver Chair, kind of a forgotten band from the 90's. I heard Pure Massacre this week on the radio. I have figured out the drum beat of the verse and chorus but the beginning of the song I'm struggling with. I think the drummer is playing accented single stroke 16th notes or possibly...
  18. Good Karma

    Old Wine Barrel Drum shells (Boris Ritscher)

    I watched this guy on Youtube, these are absolutely beautiful. Do these sound as good as they look? Anyone played on a set of these?
  19. Good Karma

    Buddy Rich(Slingerland)

    Thought i would share Found this picture while surfing. Judging by Buddy's outfit i think it's the late 60's prices
  20. Good Karma

    Remo Weatherking

    Why is the coated Powerstroke 4 becoming hard and hard to find, is Remo discontinuing this series?