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  1. newoldie

    How to Rivet a Cymbal

    Rick Dior is a professional drummer/teacher that has the most incredible instructional videos on perhaps the widest range of percussion/drumming topics by one person anywhere on YouTube- from drumming techniques, to drums, to concert band and jazz band drumming, to all sorts of gear...Whew...
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    RIP Little Richard
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    The Beatles / Yellow Submarine (Buddhist monk cover) / Kossan

    3 minutes of a Buddhist monk cover, followed by 2 minutes of Silent meditation...😎 Very Zen!
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    The Cymbal Roy Haynes Gave Me

    Just uploaded last week by Chick Corea. Fascinating background story about a cymbal that Roy Haynes gave Chick. He thinks Sabian is making a clone of this cymbal, to be called, "Royalty."
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    Tower of Power - David Garibaldi - Sound Check. 5-4-19

    Always enjoy getting that behind the scenes, close up view of the legends drumming away live or in soundcheck. Instructive as well. This fun little 5 minute video gives a good glimpse of DG's gear, how he has it all positioned, some of his technique, styles and sounds.
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    Buddy's brush work!

    Came across this beauty on YouTube. Watching this effortless, precise brush playing closeup was not only a kick but really instructive!.
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    No Nuts?

    Anyone tried these cymbal sleeves yet? They look like they'd get the job done well sonically, replace the usual cymbal stand accessories, and simplify setup/break down. (OK, let the jokes fly if necessary. I didn't name them!;))
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    Zildjian Then and Now: A Comparison of Vintage and Modern Cymbal Sounds | Avedis (Part 1 of 4)

    "Master drummer John Riley plays and discusses Zildjian Avedis cymbals with director of cymbal innovations Paul Francis." Fascinating stuff-Wow!!!:cool: [and good marketing/promo by Zildjian...;)]
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    Buddy Rich the Singer: "Eventually...I want to get away from drums altogether..."

    1955 Voice of America Radio interview with Buddy-
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    In depth Ringo Interview- Modern Drummer 12.1981

    Really lots of juicy details and his personal insight into his drumming, The Beatles, gear, etc. A hidden gem of an article (I'd never come across before). :cool:
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    The Weight! Featuring musicians from across the world

    Wow- I thought this cover was equal in greatness to the original song by The Band- this time it's collectively performed by Robbie Robertson, Ringo Star and many other amateur musicians from ACROSS the world. "Playing For Change We’re excited to share our newest Song Around The World, “The...
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    Not that I agree with the choices-- but as usual, Rick's videos are fun and instructive. Here, he has a friend of his, Jack Jones, play out the first few measures live of each intro.
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    Anyone used(d) Stick Gripps?

    I checked out some sticks at GC the other day that had these gripps on them and was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they felt. I don't know if they might be a bit tough to use on sticks for a complete gig, but in the store they seemed non- chaffing. I've found for the past few years that...
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    José Octavio "Chepito" Areas Dávila

    From the original Santana grop, doing an incredible timbales solo on Santana's "Tousaint L'Overture (1970). Just as worth watching is his percussion playing in the Santana Woodstock songs, Evil Ways & Soul Sacrifice (along with drummer Michael Shrieve's famous solo on Sacrifice):
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    Sticky Wicket

    I love watching this guy play, learn so much about the drumming style from back in the early jazz days by watching him play on his various vintage kits. He's got lots of videos featuring vintage drum sets and classic big band songs from then. Here's a new video with him playing Jumping at the...
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    Steve Gadd: The DRUM SOLO That Changed Popular Music

    Another incredible review by Rick Beato, gives you a clear, global perspective on what Gadd was playing AND what the OTHER band members were playing on this recording (supposedly it was done together live!) Only Rick Beato explains these details in his video discussions. I'm still trying to...
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    DRUM TRACK- Billy Joel - Piano Man

    I love hearing these YouTube isolated tracks from popular hits and keep them on file as references. Even better than reading a transcription! In this one, you can really appreciate all the color and nuances Ron Tutt put into the song's basic waltz. (Edited note: for some reason, the post's...
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    What's this bass drum [reso] head cover?

    I'd seen this before on a few Dead videos, but this video really shows it clearly. It looks like a muffling cover of sorts, or perhaps an early version of a trigger? Anyways, never saw it before live except on Dead videos. Here, its being used on both Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart's bass...
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    Guitar Center opening 6 stores in 2019

    This one just opened in Hawaii, the 3rd of 6 new stores this year.