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  1. Andy

    Cleaner Forum without Google ads...

    Nor do I - I was joking of course, somewhat inappropriately. I'll ban myself for a day ;)
  2. Andy

    Cleaner Forum without Google ads...

    It means I'll no longer have my Drummerworld experience ruined by pictures of scantily clad women, latex apparel, and fur lined restraint devices. I have no idea why there's such a prevalence of these adverts on my computer ;)
  3. Andy

    Fired for COVID/ Age

    Sounds to me like they're using Covid related concerns as an excuse. Given their attitude, you're probably better off out of it sooner rather than later anyhow. Sorry to hear of your treatment. You may have just dodged a bullet.
  4. Andy

    A little cover we threw together back when covid started

    Yes, shame about the singer, she has a very pleasing & honest delivery. Piano gain distorting doesn't help the mix, but the overall performance by all is still very pleasant to listen to. Nice job :)
  5. Andy

    Yamaha HexRack weight

    Of course, weight depends on configuration. I use Hexrack for my 6 piece live setup, and it's way lighter & more compact than anything I could create with cymbal stands, but in your case, it might be a close call. If you're only holding up 2 toms & 2 cymbals, there's likely lower weight...
  6. Andy

    Our band's TikTok video has received over 277k views in just 2.5 days! Check it out here!

    Very cool! Not even considered that platform. Apparently, I read you can now upload a video exceeding 1 minute if generated off the platform. BTW, great vocal vibe right there!
  7. Andy

    Throw In The Towel

    I live off piste too, & my black car never gets washed November through end of March. Due to the current situation, that's extended this year to now, so 9 months without a wash!
  8. Andy

    A million little candles

    Nice! Any lyrics / vocal to go with the song?
  9. Andy

    Tom mics?

    Agreed, & if it's only up to 50 people in the audience, just a bass drum mic should do the trick just fine for most musical situations.
  10. Andy


    Now you're actually here - welcome!
  11. Andy


    Editing action has been taken to reduce the potentially upsetting & excessive use of full stops in Chris's post from 3 to 1. Never think the mod's aren't right on their game ;)
  12. Andy

    Very good drummer Emmanuelle Caplette

    Some SP in there for sure, and a really great performance. Love the hats & ride groove especially - flows beautifully.
  13. Andy

    COVID and Creativity

    Agreed. We had a band meeting last night & reviewed our calendar. We should have been right in the middle of some great stuff right now :( More than that, we openly discussed mental health impacts, and it was clear we're all suffering in one way or another, and that manifests itself in...
  14. Andy

    Drum Hack: No More "Basketbally" Floor Tom Tone

    Ben, I'm usually of the same mindset as you, and fully supportive of open resource. I've shared a lot of hard won information, even unique designs, & placed them in the public domain. I no longer have a business reason to contain information (not that it ever was much of a consideration) since...
  15. Andy

    Drum Hack: No More "Basketbally" Floor Tom Tone

    Great video as always Ben, & a good enough fix for a misbehaving drum if other standard options aren't working. I've done a fair bit of work on the "basketball" effect, mainly on bass drum, but also on floor tom. The work I did was aimed at identifying what makes it happen, and seeking to...
  16. Andy


    Ah, I drew a distinction between a likely interpretation of a British pub & my understanding of the US descriptive of a dive bar. In my mind, if I relate dive bar to some British pubs, I'm thinking about the pre club crowd high street low rent variety. Pubs, I still play, but only decent ones...
  17. Andy

    Cygnus X-2 Plays Rush

    Not easy to pull off in any environment, & in the case of lockdown distance videos, the extra challenge of disconnection. Major props to you all!! BTW, kit looks stellar :)
  18. Andy

    COVID and Creativity

    John, I removed your post in another thread and left the above message. In case you didn't view it, for the avoidance of doubt, this is not acceptable.
  19. Andy

    Better to be diverse or specialize?

    I think scope of diversity is relevant here, as well as the feel that really lives inside you. It's all well & good having the facility to play a very wide range of material well, & that's effectively the USP of session players who really bring in a lot of regular work, but most of us lesser...
  20. Andy

    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    For the last year, I've used this snare for 80%+ of gigs & recordings. That was never the intention when I built it, but I just can't resist it's charms & delivery. 13" x 7" thin (5mm) segmented solid ebony In-Tense series with T6 aluminium lugs & cast hoops. It's workhorse status will...