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  1. Old Dog new Cans

    Small Crashes Anyone?

    My favorite crash ever is a 16" Zildjian A Thin Crash. I will always have a spot for this crash. I have other in comparable sizes, splashes as well.
  2. Old Dog new Cans

    Cleaner Forum without Google ads...

    Thank you! I will not miss those ads at all. And yes, clean-good look.
  3. Old Dog new Cans

    ddrum Snares....They look nice.............anyone own/play one?

    I bought a ddrum kit over 18 months ago, EVERYTHING IS EXCELLENT about this kit. No problems at all. I'm curious, how does a broken reso head have anything to do with quality control? Sounds like a packaging or shipping problem. I do NOT own a higher end ddrum snare. So I can't speak to...
  4. Old Dog new Cans


    Carrie Anne. . .The Hollies Reba--Phish
  5. Old Dog new Cans

    Anybody wanna provide some feedback on my playing?

    My thinking was, keeping up with the guitar work. Trying to be, similar in style I guess? When I listen to Satriani and similar, I often hear the guitar and drums playing the same riff. But don't get me wrong, it's solid solid drumming. I couldn't find anything wrong with your playing, so I...
  6. Old Dog new Cans

    Wuhan cymbals

    I like my wuhan splashes. 8 and 10 I believe. I also have a 12" wuhan china. Still on the fence, I need to slap a little gaff tape on it. Considering their price, I wouldn't stress it too much.
  7. Old Dog new Cans

    Anybody wanna provide some feedback on my playing?

    The drumming is definitely solid. I like the guitar. On the money with a Vai/Satch comparison, he's certainly the fore-front. I would personally like to hear more drum fill work. More than just a couple 16th notes and crash. But once again, solid. Good stuff
  8. Old Dog new Cans

    Help with custom shaped loops

    You might try contacting Remo (drum head maker). Maybe Google custom drum head maker. That's a strange shape for a "head". You may run into difficulty. Good luck.
  9. Old Dog new Cans

    In ear monitor under 150 dollars.

    Well, I never claimed they sounded better than a $450 set. But the OP IS looking for something under $150. (y) :sneaky: Seriously though, I don't have a $450 set to compare to. But I thought they sounded as good, if not better than my Bose over-ear AE2s. So comparing a $200+ set with the...
  10. Old Dog new Cans

    In ear monitor under 150 dollars.

    For the money, you CANNOT beat the KZs. I don't have that particular model, but they are very economical, braided wires, sound great. Look on Amazon
  11. Old Dog new Cans

    Which set to buy?

    I bought the ddrum Journeyman, glad I did. The drums sound great, the hardware I'm impressed with. If you haven't already, look on Craigslist. Lots of great kits out there used. You just have to find them. Good luck
  12. Old Dog new Cans

    Keeping Time with your left foot. Why?

    In my ear, the hi-hat part is ESSENTIAL in that particular song. I mean, even more essential than keeping time. Does that make sense? The hi hats are integral in that song. It seems a bit rare to me in rock. Maybe Good Times Bad Times as well? In jazz, I see TONS of drummers with the left...
  13. Old Dog new Cans

    Don’t you hate being ignored?

    I'm very impatient when it comes to spending money. If I finally decide I'm ready to buy and make an offer, I absolutely hate waiting. It's a personal problem, I'm very OCD. If I don't hear back within a few hrs (and this depends where they're located--west coast for example), I'll just...
  14. Old Dog new Cans

    Billy Joel Drummer Liberty DeVitto on His New Memoir, Making Peace with His Old Boss

    Joel was a prick. I enjoy his music, Glass Houses is one of my all-time faves. But he was a complete jerk to his band.
  15. Old Dog new Cans

    Newer Trixon Snare Drums

    I bought a Trixon popcorn snare last year. You can find a horrible pic on their website--I bought the black sparkle. Sounds great. LOUD for an 8x5.5. Made very well.
  16. Old Dog new Cans

    Keeping steel snare shell shiny....?

    Personally, I don't think it's necessary to put a clear coat on. I would hope, that the drum builders did some form of protective outer coating? Not something I personally know or have looked into. I use a product called drum detailer. EXCELLENT on all drum equipment. Keeps the dust off...
  17. Old Dog new Cans

    My latest snare build

    I wasn't sure if I had applied too much at first. It seems pretty dry. I don't plan to, and haven't been using ANY dampening. For me, that's highly unusual. It's not entirely choked or anything. Still has nice tones coming out. :sneaky: I've never recorded it. Someone asked for an...
  18. Old Dog new Cans

    Drum ideas for one year old?

    Will he retain much that early? I'm not a father so I really know nothing about raising small people. ;)
  19. Old Dog new Cans

    Ever regret selling something?

    For the LONGEST time I was absolutely distraught about having to sell my Peavey Radials nearly 20 years ago. Had to pay bills. . .but after having had serious back problems including a surgery, I don't miss them now--remembering how amazingly heavy and huge that bass drum was. It was the first...
  20. Old Dog new Cans

    Sonor or DW Maple Set ?

    BASICALLY EVERYBODY MAKES GREAT DRUMS. Plain and simple. If you want DW, buy DW! If you like Yamaha, etc. It doesn't matter. We all have favorites and brands we don't like. Do they look good to you, sound good to you? I understand advice. But in the end, if you take someone ELSE'S advice and...