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  1. Winston_Wolf

    New Drum Kit Suggestion

    Yamaha Stage Custom.
  2. Winston_Wolf

    Needing some advice with changing snare wires

    This is the thing that confuses me. The wires should already have been pulled snug against the head before tightening the screws down. You shouldn't need to add much more tension at the adjustment knob. Rereading the first post, I'm not sure I totally understand what you mean by: Are you...
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    Casio (Interstate Music) News

    I'm getting several email a day from them. Someone is still at work...
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    Needing some advice with changing snare wires

    I feel like there's a process issue at work here. No matter the throw off, you should be able to: Start with the throw off engaged and the tension almost as loose as it can go. Center the wires between the edges of the bottom head, leaving a little less space on the butt side. Thread the...
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    Thinking of Taking on a Project

    No they cannot. I asked the same thing for my project but their process doesn't make that possible. I just went ahead and had them drill for the lugs.
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    Thinking of Taking on a Project

    I've had Precision Drum do quite a few projects for me in the past, mostly bearing edge re-cutting and having shells cut down. This was my first time having them edge/drill new shells and once again their work was flawless. They even called me to discuss a few options and to verify my...
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    Thinking of Taking on a Project

    I just had Precision make me a couple shells in small sizes Ludwig never made using Keller shells. Their work, customer service, and turnaround time were all outstanding. :)
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    Ludwig Bronze Beauty 2020

    I had given up all hope they'd make a bronze Black Beauty ever again. This is super cool! :)
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    Remo Renaissance Snare Side and Evans EC Reso ?

    I wouldn't consider the Renaissance snare side as an overtone-reducing type of a head, but I don't really think of any snare side as producing that many overtones either. The Renaissance snare side gives a very dark, papery snare response. It sounds great if you're looking for a very dry and...
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    Pronunciation thread

    Thanks for bumping this. I forgot how much I missed this thread! :)
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    Whoops! Too many brand names running through my head! :P
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    I have to admit I'm super intrigued by Pearl's Tru-Hoop. They're 1.6mm, but they're supposed to be more rigid than a flanged hoop.
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    I'm not a big fan of 1.6mm hoops in general, but anything that cannot maintain structural integrity through the shipping process is an issue for sure. My own past experiences with 1.6mm hoops on toms always left me feeling like the tone of the drum wasn't stable enough. When comparing the same...
  14. Winston_Wolf

    Zildjian ZHT

    I have a few Sabian APX cymbals (and a fantastic ZHT Mastersound hihat) precisely for those times when I need glassy and plenty of cut. I wish the APX line would have survived a little longer but I know if I need any holes in my set-up filled in I'd head straight for the Zildjian S series.
  15. Winston_Wolf

    Zildjian ZHT

    Application is totally everything. I've found that in general a lot of the low-ish line cymbals work well in louder situations because the subtle nuances they lack are often inaudible anyway, and the funky clang can help then cut through. Obviously my preference is "nice" sounding cymbals that...
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    Some General Ludwig Questions

    I agree the Classic Maple is just about the closest. Rocker had a 4-ply maple/poplar shell with no re-rings and a fairly sharp 45* bearing edge. Classic Maple has a 7-ply all maple shell that's about the same thickness, also without re-rings and fairly sharp 45* bearing edges. They aren't as...
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    Zildjian ZHT

    No idea, but "Xtremely Terrible" works for me! :P I will say my own experiences with ZXT isn't completely awful though. I had a Rock Ride that was a real manhole cover but sounded good with the band, and a Titanium 18" medium thin crash that was surprisingly musical.
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    Zildjian ZHT

    ZHT's are also B12. The series name stood for "Zildjian High Tin" due to the 12% tin content. :)
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    puresound snare wires, so bad finishing ?!

    I've also had a couple poorly finished sets of Puresound. Both of them broke the snare side head before I realized it was rough spots on the solder that was the culprit. I don't buy Puresound anymore, but it has taught me the lesson to carefully check every new wire set I buy. But oddly...
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    One or two air toms? Are air toms difficult to buy separately?

    Personal preference? Yes, absolutely. I really like 13" toms, so that size is always my "must have" tom tom. They are able to tune high or low really well, and I think they look good with a bigger bass drum. A 12" tom pairs well with it because it can be tuned high enough to not get in the...