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  1. wildbill

    Casio (Interstate Music) News

    They found a buyer: Their ebay store now shows no inventory with the new owners name alongside. Probably will be changing soon...
  2. wildbill

    Sweetwater Gear Fest

    For 2 days. They've got some drum/cymbal stuff here: Lots of stuff in other departments too.
  3. wildbill

    Forums for musicians to discuss political or controversial issues

    List them here. The only one I know of is Harmony Central Political Party: You have to contact the administrators to get in though. They want to keep it members only, I guess, because it can get a bit rough...
  4. wildbill

    Alan Abel's Death (and life)

    His accomplishments deserve a serious look: Please keep this thread on-topic if you have anything to say about it.
  5. wildbill

    Ludwig Classic Oak

    and lots of other good Ludwig stuff here: The configuration designer, Outfitter looks intersting. I put it in the 2020 NAMM thread too, but I think the Classic Oaks should have their own thread. Is this replacing the Keystone X...
  6. wildbill

    Ludwig Backbeat

    Just got a catalog from Guitar Center and they have the Ludwig Backbeat complete 5 pc. set with hardware and cymbals for $299.99 Front page of the catalog says "Black Friday - Our biggest sale of the year" Nov. 29 to Dec. 1. The site still shows the $429.99 price, so I guess it won't be at that...
  7. wildbill

    Guitar Center Bucks Back

    Hate to be a shill for the company (no affiliation), but this often goes by unnoticed. It was brought up in a thread a while ago. Anyways, a few days left on it. If you buy something, you get money back to feed your GC habit. I did it once - didn't know the promotion was going on, and was...
  8. wildbill

    Today's Pick - Drum Amp

    From Guitar Center on 9/1/2019. Kustom 100 watt drum amp. Normally $250 -today $99. I have no experience with this unit, but it might be a good deal:
  9. wildbill


    Is there a way to do it without a lot of copy/pasting?
  10. wildbill

    Peter Fonda died - bet you didn't know he plays drums too

    Off topic yes - but I just heard Peter Fonda died. Probably most known as Wyatt in the movie Easy Rider, but to keep it drumming related, he recently played drums with a band called Liturgy on the tv show Blacklist...
  11. wildbill

    Are you new to cymbals?

    If so, this cymbal buying guide packs a lot of info into an easy to read article:
  12. wildbill

    Sweetwater ride cymbal shootout

    A fair amount of mainstream rides covered here along with some general cymbal info:
  13. wildbill

    Did anyone check on Larry?

    I hope he didn't have a panic attack or something without the forum. :p Wow - look at all the smilies.
  14. wildbill

    GC Daily Pick

    6/22/2019 - Mapex Mars 5 pc. bloodwood kit - $399.00
  15. wildbill

    Sweetwater Live Stream

    From Gearfest 2019:
  16. wildbill

    GC Daily Pick

    6/16/2019 Kustom KDA100 drum amp - $174.99
  17. wildbill

    Can you ID these cymbals?

    Tried to delete the post to see if it's possible - it's not. The cymbals were old junkers that I painted.
  18. wildbill

    Casio 2 day Flash Sale

    5/21-5/22, 2019 22% off orders of $249 or more. Code - 2DAY22 Pretty good sale if they've got something you're looking for. Trying to beat the Memorial day sales, I guess.
  19. wildbill

    GC deal for 4/13/2019 E-drum mesh head set and a drum amp for $349.99 Pretty good deal if you're looking for quiet practice.
  20. wildbill

    That new Ludwig NeuSonic Coral Red

    Is the shell makeup unique to this color, or do all the Neusonic sets have it? "....Featuring a cross-over shell design blending a 3-ply maple exterior with a 3-ply cherry interior...." EDIT: oops - never mind. A...