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  1. Frosticles

    Cymbal to drum ratio

    4 drums & 4 cymbals because I am a lazy git & can't be bothered with any more :) (I do own over 50 cymbals though) :D
  2. Frosticles

    show off your snare

    107407941_275572957207741_686066005284427733_n by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  3. Frosticles

    Evans ST Dry Snare Head

    Been a fan of the Genera & the Genera Dry for a while now. Tried everything over the years but these are now my go-to depending if its wood or metal.
  4. Frosticles


    Still lucky to play all over the world (Currently on hold due to Covid) Chomping at the bit to resume.
  5. Frosticles

    Better to be diverse or specialize?

    One trick pony here. I do my one trick very well though. As I am approaching the twilight of my one trick though, I am looking to branch out :)
  6. Frosticles

    And justice for all...Snare drum?

    Heard this as well :) Did read somewhere that the main was a piccolo.
  7. Frosticles

    Which kit to keep?

    A good position to be in & I am in the same one. Both of your kits are good quality & sound. I really like the Visions & would be tempted to keep those (If they are the 6/8's, 6 ply toms, 8 ply Bass & Floor).
  8. Frosticles

    15" hats

    The whole thing sounds superb :) Just invested in some 15" hats (Paiste 2002 SE) & really looking forward to using them :)
  9. Frosticles

    Tama Big Black Steel

    The band(s) I play in are incredibly loud. So, Snare drum choice is important for me. The loudest (& nicest) I have ever used is the Pearl 14x8 Series 1 Free Floater. The projection & tone from that drum is just incredible. The drum I regret selling the most :( I also use a Pearl 13x3 Brass...
  10. Frosticles

    BB 8x14 or Q Drum Copper 7x14?

    REALLY liking that :) Sounds phenominal.
  11. Frosticles

    And justice for all...Snare drum?

    Interesting thread :) A little off topic but I have always wanted to know what snare Dave Lombardo used on "Reign in Blood" :)
  12. Frosticles

    I needed the weight (Crosstown discussion)

    Nah, I am too lazy ;)
  13. Frosticles

    I needed the weight (Crosstown discussion)

    Unfortunately not. This was the very first thing I tried. The Footplate is fixed unfortunately & can't be moved. :(
  14. Frosticles

    New "Crosstown" lightweight stands from Yamaha

    No issues with either :) They are as stable as any double braced stands :)
  15. Frosticles

    I needed the weight (Crosstown discussion)

    When I gig (when......) I will use my normal throne (Ahead Spinal G) & also my Mapex Falcon 2 legged Hi-Hat Stand. As, like you, I like the stability of these. I have yet to use the Crosstown Hi-Hat Stand as it is impossible to use my double pedal with it :(
  16. Frosticles

    So I got a DW9000 single pedal

    This bugs me as well but I use the supplied memory locks so, it's just the initial set up that is annoying. On the MDD's, they don't have the grooves for the locks so, you have to go through this annoying process every time. The machined "MDD" is a brilliant pedal though but takes a little...
  17. Frosticles

    Drum Gear Photography

    Tama Silverstar Custom by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A7120 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A6901 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  18. Frosticles

    Drum Gear Photography

    I use off camera flash a lot. Use remote triggers. The pic of my Masters kit is without flash though & shot in our kitchen. :oops:
  19. Frosticles

    Drum Gear Photography

    Thank you :) Yes, the gaskets are original for this kit :)
  20. Frosticles

    Cymbal sweet spot vs cymbal default position.

    Can't say I have ever noticed.