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  1. DrumDoug

    Anybody use a riser with a 20" bass drum?

    I used the Dixson for a while. I did find it made the BD sound better, but I stopped using it because it made setting up and packing up a pain. After you put the drum on the lift you have to extend the spurs to level the drum out. That’s fine for a one time getting it set up thing. The problem...
  2. DrumDoug

    Location of tom seems to affect the sound

    There are several threads on here about middle toms sounding dead. A search might give you more answers.
  3. DrumDoug

    Soooo, doubleglazed... you like?

    I bought a pair and I love the feel. If you like Regal Tip or have dry hands they are great. As far as the weight, I had the opposite problem. I ordered a pair online and they were extremely light. That’s the problem with buying sticks online. In the store you can pick out the weight you like...
  4. DrumDoug

    Resource for looping songs to practice

    MimiCopy app has a loop feature.
  5. DrumDoug

    The feel of a drum

    I have a REMO Mastertouch kit from the 90s. It came with mounts attached directly to the shell. As soon as I got them I put RIMS mounts on them. I played them that way for almost 20 years. I eventually got other kits, DW, Yamaha, Mapex, Ludwig. During this quarantine I decided to pull out the...
  6. DrumDoug

    Acoustically Speaking

    I used to face my bass drum against the wall. It was easier to sit down at the drums when I walked into the room. For some reason I can’t remember, I turned them around one day and all the drums had more low end. Especially the bass drum. It’s probably the same reason that drums behind a shield...
  7. DrumDoug

    Anyone do a permanent "mod" to their sticks (not just tape)?

    I double dip my sticks in Minwax High Gloss Brushing Lacquer. It gives it a finish similar to Regal Tip. RT is too hard to find and they are more expensive.
  8. DrumDoug

    "New" ludwig throw off

    Why do some P85s not seem to be a problem? Even though my drum is a ‘71 model it had a early 90s replacement P85. I have to tighten it between every song. I even tried the trick of putting a small spring on it to add some tension and friction. Other people say theirs works fine. What’s up with that?
  9. DrumDoug

    Church drummers Pay

    I’ve played 3 to 5 five services a week for 25 years. Never been paid.
  10. DrumDoug

    Dw 9000 Vs iron cobra 900, which is better?

    If you’re going to gig with it, go with the IC. The footboard folds up and down easily for set up and tear down. No tools required. The DW needs a drum key to lock the footboard in place. More work at gigs. If it’s mainly going to stay set up at one place, then it really doesn’t matter.
  11. DrumDoug

    Cross stick with BFSD

    I like using the BFSD to really mute my snare down for lower volume gigs. The one drawback I’ve found is that it really kills the cross stick sound. Other than using the butt end of the stick in the sweet spot, anyone have any suggestions on how to overcome this?
  12. DrumDoug

    looking for mambo cowbell.

    If you go for an LP get the SG version. Since the bell has a bend in the middle you are always hitting at an angle. Every time you hit the bell you are pushing it to the side just a little bit. I have the regular version and it’s always coming loose and moving around. The SG might be more money...
  13. DrumDoug


    I’ve always had trouble memorizing music. While reading about memory issues I came across an article about aphantasia. A person with aphantasia can not visualize things in their head. I was reading about a woman who can’t visualize her route to work. As she is driving along she constantly...
  14. DrumDoug

    Promark stick length

    I went to the website. If you click on the Learn More button and then scroll all the way to the bottom, it has the specific length and diameter of the model. The information is there, it’s just a little hard to find.
  15. DrumDoug

    Tell us how you don't use your snare wires

    I turn mine off for blues rhumbas or when I’m mimicking a conga part with my hands. I also turn them off for a darker rim click.
  16. DrumDoug

    "Stir-Crazy Drum School" on Facebook Live -10AM central

    Can we watch it later on your Facebook page? I won’t be up that early in my time zone.
  17. DrumDoug

    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    California just asked all bars, nightclubs, wineries, brewpubs, etc. to close. Restaurants are to operate at half capacity. No gatherings over 50 people. There went all my gigs.
  18. DrumDoug

    How to re-flatten plastic muffling rings.

    I bought a set of Remo rings to really muffle my drums down for low volume gigs. The 13” ring won’t lay flat however. It was flat a first, but at the first gig I used it, I took it off at the end when things got a little louder and now it tries to twist into a figure 8. I tried to lay it on a...
  19. DrumDoug

    I thought a plexiglass cage was bad

    The phrase I use is “Arena rock sound at coffee house volume”.
  20. DrumDoug

    I thought a plexiglass cage was bad

    One local church has the drums in a room behind the stage. There is a window in the back wall of the stage so the drummer can see what’s going on.