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  1. Andy

    15" hats

    For this track, it's been years since I used my double pedal too. TBH, I only used it here for a bit of embellishment, & the fact I'm not good enough to pull off the end fill in 5 cleanly without it :( 15" hats really work on the sloshy stuff, so they were a natural choice. Anyhow, unmixed...
  2. Andy

    Green shoots

    Of course, this year has been devastating for musicians relying totally on their craft for income, I have many as my close friends, & it's tough, even with support packages in place. Me & my fellow bandmates are lucky in that regard (although we're not exactly without income security challenges...
  3. Andy

    Your Tuesday morning smile :)

    Real or not, it's still great :rolleyes:
  4. Andy

    Best possible use for a ---

    bass drum tom mount :cool:
  5. Andy

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Deceptively simple - here's one that challenged me a bit on feel / bass drum consistency. Recorded in our homes, mostly on mobile phone cameras & a variety of audio gear. A different arrangement, & a deliberately more rock / earthy vibe compared to the original. We ran through this a couple...
  6. Andy

    Very simple, but

    even after working it up for 20 minutes or so, I still found this surprisingly difficult to get clean. It's not there yet either :( Something about the busy bass drum combined with snare placement before the little double on the ride really messed with my brain. Anyhow, just working up new...
  7. Andy

    Rocked up AHA

    Our second distance video produced during lockdown, & we learnt a lot by doing the first one. The process is still way more difficult than any other recording situation we've encountered. Other than the disconnect affect, trying to make something cohesive using mostly mobile phone video &...
  8. Andy

    If you've not listened to this --

    you should. It's fabulous to receive real praise from your direct peers, but to be so regarded by other musicians is the real mark of achievement. Further Jeff thought video snippets follow the end of this.
  9. Andy

    For Cozy fans ---

    this remastered gem :)
  10. Andy

    Now if this doesn't ----

    move your drumming bones, I don't know what will! I love Nikki's feel on this - my kind of playing, & what an uplifting vibe for us all at this time :)
  11. Andy

    How to toon your drums.

    See what I did there ;) Ok, for anyone venturing into the new world of lockdown videos, here's a cool process you can play with, just to add some distinction or effect to a video. It wouldn't pass professional processing scrutiny, but you can adjust the effect significantly. You can get...
  12. Andy

    Andy stripped down

    Not often I'm found with just two drums, but that's all that was needed for this bit of home tracking. Ok, ok, I know, plenty of cymbals, but again, what's needed to get the job done #chopsfreezone That late snare hit after the first fill earned me a retake :(
  13. Andy

    Our first distance video - We struggled.

    Being of "a certain age", we're not exactly used to this distance recording thing. Recorded mostly on mobile phones, we found this quite difficult in terms of disconnection, hence a bit sloppy. We're used to being in the same space together, and the disconnect was more of a thing than we...
  14. Andy

    At nearly 60, my first ever drum cover!

    I normally have no time for drum covers, but decided on a bit of Corona isolation fun, with a sprinkling of 80's cheese :) Kinda winging it, & yes, I know the guitar solo speeds up, but it does on the backing track, so I went with it (no click). Anyhow, it lifted my mood :) A notable shout...
  15. Andy

    Todd Sucherman album

    It's great to see one of our own striking out, not only with original composition, but on lead vocals too. I'm really looking forward to downloading the full album, and if this clip is anything to go by, I think we're in for a treat. For me, certainly a Don Henley vibe here.
  16. Andy

    Origin ovangkol test

    Just set up my main live kit to carry me through this playing pause :( A way less than ideal room, basic live mic's, a touch of subtractive EQ in places, & a bit of reverb on the overheads. 13" x 7" ebony snare wide open - G1 coated over Hazy 300. Except for the bass drum, a good portion of...
  17. Andy

    Audio crimes & novel workarounds :)

    Just for giggles during these difficult times. Here's a few to get you started :) Have fun, & stay safe all, Andy.
  18. Andy

    Reflecting on last year

    Having received cancellation notices on 4 hard won major gig bookings over the last 5 days, I found myself in reflective mood and watching this again. We're rebooked for this festival in late August, so I'm crossing my fingers.
  19. Andy

    Drummers are usually the most ---

    cooperative & sharing of players, however, there are exceptions ;) (warning, some expletives)
  20. Andy


    From a social media drum brand fan site. He obviously likes paying extra for "fluff". Some drummers eh! :rolleyes: