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  1. Old Dog new Cans

    I'm just about convinced

    That I will never buy a truly High End snare or kit for that matter. Whether or not you WANT to believe this man, I believe that he's definitely showing some truth here. I honestly believe that 1/2 of what we hear when we buy these drums has everything to do with the fact we are spending...
  2. Old Dog new Cans

    My latest snare build

    Here's my latest snare build. It is a 14 x 7, 3/8" thick birch shell with a bubinga veneer. Built by Champagne Drums in Canada. The lugs are also from Champagne, called Cito lugs. Super Hoops, which I really like the flat top look and feel. Makes for super easy rim shots. 30 strand Fat Cat...
  3. Old Dog new Cans

    Please Enjoy The Weight

    My sister emailed this to me today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I. And I'll be honest, as naïve as it is, I would love to see the world this way. Everybody, jammin'.
  4. Old Dog new Cans

    Bad Bum Experience

    So, last week I finally decided I'd re-wrap a couple shells. I called Bum Wrap Co. 4 times over a 4 hour period. Probably seems excessive, but I was ready to buy, let's do this before I change my mind or Walopus emails back (which is part 2 btw). I also had Murray from Bum Co.'s cell #. I...
  5. Old Dog new Cans

    My new boutique bass from. . .

    Stubblefield drums. 20" x 12". Got a heckuva deal on it. I think it was ordered and then not paid for, but not really sure. Got it through Reverb. Punchy, light weight, cool looking smaller turret style lugs I guess you would call them? He does great work.
  6. Old Dog new Cans

    Compressing iPhone photos: which app do YOU use?

    I'm a horrible photographer to start with. But I also struggle with proper sizing. Kills my attempts to post pics here. What do you iPhone users for re-sizing your pics to post?
  7. Old Dog new Cans

    Josh Dion & Paris Monster: Interesting

    So, I've been enjoying this guy and his style a lot lately. His band Paris Monster, is based around R&B and funk. I think in order to fully appreciate his talent, you have to watch the Drumeo video he did. It's an hour nearly, so skip through some of the chat if you want and focus on his...
  8. Old Dog new Cans

    TRINITY Cymbals have a sale going!!

    So I saw a thread about these on a different site. They are made in California with B20 bronze. Metal from local sources. I mean, I'm going to try something just on the principle of price. Wow There are audio clips...
  9. Old Dog new Cans

    Tried cleaning/polishing some cymbals: REALLY disappointing

    So I picked up some Paiste Dark Energy 14" hats. And a 17" Zildjian K thin crash recently. The bottom hat and the K were just funky as heck. Broke out the Zildjian polish. 2nd time I've used this product. First time was this past winter after picking up my vintage Zildjians. I first...
  10. Old Dog new Cans

    Trying to pick different hi hats: Mostly Zildjian for my choices, however. . .

    So, I'm in the market to get a different pair of hats. I've been checking videos left and right. . .there's only a single music store locally and their prices are very disagreeable. I will be buying online eventually and 50/50 on them being used. I have vintage New Beats. I want something...
  11. Old Dog new Cans

    Bent/Warped Cymbal: Anyone tried this???

    I'm considering a used K. It has a bend in it. Not horrible or cracked. Obviously the damage in the video is not extensive. Anyone tried this?
  12. Old Dog new Cans

    VULCAN Cymbals: Anyone in Europe familiar?

    Watched a couple vids on them. . . I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this company. I think they are an Italian company with manufacturing in Turkey. Not sure if this is the best video. . .
  13. Old Dog new Cans

    Does ANYONE have ANY experience here?????

    Saw someone posted a link on a different site. The prices are CRAZY! Seems too good to be true.
  14. Old Dog new Cans

    My First Build: Grain and Black Nickel

    6-ply Keller maple shell. 14" x 6 7/8"--Ebayed it. DFD black nickel hoops and "bread box" lugs and t.rods. Drum Foundry RCK snare throw and butt (also black nickel). I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS THROW TO ANYONE. It was an absolute PAIN to install. Terry was of no help. But, I eventually got...
  15. Old Dog new Cans


    Anyone with ANY experience at all with this brand? I can find NO audio/vids about the particular cymbal I'm interested in. It's the Sphere series 22" ride cymbal.
  16. Old Dog new Cans

    Wrapping with wood veneer??

    So, it's not terribly different from wrapping with delmar, however my question is about the best adhesive. I have a very good quality wood glue I was considering. I saw a video where a guy COMPLETELY covered the wood veneer with glue and clamped it. Worked well. But I also see "Woodweld"...
  17. Old Dog new Cans

    Identifying a "vintage" Tama snare

    Can I somehow look it up by serial #? I picked up an old Cherry Wine snare, not it bad shape at all. I would just like to learn more about it. No pics yet
  18. Old Dog new Cans

    RIP: Leon Redbone

    Not a drummer, but very cool. RIP Leon age 69
  19. Old Dog new Cans

    Colorsound 900 19" crash cymbal

    I'm just curious if anyone has much experience with this Particular cymbal. I've watched a couple YT videos, and it reminds me of my Zildjian 18" medium crash somewhat. I did a search, found 3 threads, one thread post mentioned that the colorsounds seem a bit dryer than the regular 900 series...
  20. Old Dog new Cans

    Show me your Popcorn snare mounts!

    I don't want to add ANOTHER snare stand to the mix. So I'm thinking a Gibraltar attachment, maybe a 90 degree bracket thingy and an arm with an L rod attachment. However, I'm just not sure what to get. I picked up an 8" popcorn snare, so a bit smaller. . . Anyway, show me how you have yours...