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    Reflexx Pad & New Drumeo Quietpad

    Kind of two-part question... Anyone know when Reflexx pads typically become available? They've been sold out for a couple of months now. Also, I saw the new Drumeo Quietpad announcement and read-up on it a little. There's no indication as to who is manufacturing it for them but the...
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    Seat Height - You just never know

    Thought I'd share this very recent experience and see if others have had something similar. For the past 10-15 years, I've sat fairly high compared to most other drummers. I always felt like I wanted to get my legs extended without pushing everything further away and I like the feeling of my...
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    Snare Strainer/Throw Comparison

    I'm looking into a new aluminum snare drum - 5" or 5.5" depth. The Pearl Sensitone and Tama SLP are similarly priced with a couple of differences aside from the shells themselves: 10 lugs (Pearl) vs 8 lugs (Tama) and the snare mechanism. Does anyone have experience with either or both of these...
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    Thoughts on this Meinl Dark vs Dream Dark Energy

    I was in my nearest Guitar Center and saw a Meinl 20" Byzance Dark Ride and was smitten after playing around with it. But I'm not one to just drop $399 without giving it a good deal of thought and comparison shopping. Then I was in my LDS and they had a Dream 22" Dark Matter Energy Ride that...
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    Pearl H150S Hihat Stand Question

    I have the Pearl H150S hihat stand - flat-base with swiveling legs. I also have a 150 series cymbal stand that has the reversible legs allowing either the flat-base or regular tripod. Pearl says all 150 series hardware has these reversible legs and the hihat stand came with the drum key as...