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  1. Ian Williams

    100 greatest drum beats of all time...

    Hello mates, Food for thought, might be the greatest or not... enjoy it:
  2. Ian Williams

    Roger Taylor

    Roger Taylor - QUEEN: Explaining his trademark "backbeat" thing, quite interesting and a bit more... Enjoy it:
  3. Ian Williams

    Brian Downey - SHA LA LA

    This is an excellent video to enjoy! Bernhard: Thank you for putting this one up! Brian´s right hand feel on the ride is amazingly catchy... Of course! Plus the drum solo & the air dummer fan in the audience. Very good selection...
  4. Ian Williams

    Dave Black | Hi-Hat solo and variations

    Beautifully performed by Dave Black, enjoy it! Here:
  5. Ian Williams

    RIP Alan Myers | DeVo

    This might be an old news but I had to bring this one up! Devo drummer | Alan Myers has died after a battle with cáncer:
  6. Ian Williams

    Ric Lee

    Ric Lee - the English drummer for the band Ten Years After. His quote: "I don't like Ginger Baker, his solos are always far too long. They go on and on." * They don´t make bands like this one anymore.
  7. Ian Williams

    Mitch - Jimi - Noel, excellent!!!

    I am really enjoying these videos at home! Good rebrushed, Bernhard & Team... Purple Haze: Voodoo Child: When The Wind Cries Mary... beautiful...
  8. Ian Williams

    Carmine Appice - EVIL

    The great Carmine Appice - Pat Travers - Chuck Wright, playing the legendary EVIL! Bernhard: Thank you for rebrushing and uploading this video back again... I'm having a blast-beat. Cheers, Ian
  9. Ian Williams

    Orion Cymbals - 14" Solo Pro Hi-Hat

    Fellows have you tried, played the 14" Solo Pro Hi-Hat? The Orion Cymbals Solo Pro series are made of the B8 bronze alloy sound. Your feedback is very appreciated and important to me as a benchmark. Because I might get a set. Here...
  10. Ian Williams

    Tal Bergman

    Tal Bergman - New drummer added to the front page. First time I have heard of him. The man is solid as a rock with a clean sound. Enjoy:
  11. Ian Williams

    Mother's Day

    Mother's Day - ¡Felíz Día De Las Madres! To All Mothers in the forum and worldwide...A big hug for you! You are the backbones in our life routine. Even scientists go back to their mums, asking for a piece of advise.'s_Day#Commercialization
  12. Ian Williams

    Anarchy In The Church

    Pussy Riot playing by assault at an orthodox church in Russia...It's a one hit wonder! They can be jailed for 7 long hell.
  13. Ian Williams

    Brian Chase

    Brian Chase - The drummer playing in the rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He has demarked his drumming style with originality as long with his synaesthesia...A new drummer with an strong - old school background. Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Kiss Kiss
  14. Ian Williams

    Peter Magadini

    Mr. Magadini - A master drummer, well-educated teacher, clinician and author of several books in traditional & contemporary jazz drumming. Profile: I have one of his books from long time ago: Learn To Play The Drumset. Very good book...
  15. Ian Williams

    Billy Cobham / Milestones / Nutville

    The amazing - Billy Cobham - playing beautiful...with a great feel. A flowing left hand lead on the ride. Billy Cobham & The Buddy Rich Big Band: Milestones Billy Cobham - Horace Silver - Bill Hardman - Bennie Maupin - John Williams...
  16. Ian Williams

    Tony Williams - Life Time Experience

    The Great Tony...People don't think that drums can speak and sing and whisper. I felt confident playing the drums. Enjoy: Tony Williams - Jean Luc Ponty - Stanley Clarke, Jazz à Chateauvallon - 1972
  17. Ian Williams

    DrummerWorld In 2012

    Dear Bernhard: Any surprises under your sleeve, in the show this year? All The Best, Ian
  18. Ian Williams

    Better late than never...

    For those who helped and supported me emotionally, financially and friendly to keep my drumkit when I was...Between a rock and hard place. I am very "grateful to you fellow drummers"... Grea Andy Ralph Royal Harryconway Aydee Larryace A-customs Bobdadruma DrumEatDrum Nodiggie Joeysnare Pknaps...
  19. Ian Williams

    Sandy West

    Sandy West - She was the drummer and one of the founding members of The Runaways, all-girl hard rock band in the 1970s. Sandy was an exuberant and powerful rock drummer, a chick with sticks! She sadly passed away in october 2006, at the age of 47. THE RUNAWAYS "schooldays"...
  20. Ian Williams

    Kenney Jones

    Kenney Jones - A well-known rock drummer with a remarkable career for his work in The Who, Small Faces, Faces, The Law & The Jones Gang. Biography: The Who - Sister Disco: The Who - Won't Get...