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  1. bud7h4

    Better to be diverse or specialize?

    I think it's better for some to be diverse and others to be more specialized. We're all different. Well, I'm not, but I mean you guys. You're all different.
  2. bud7h4

    Why is this so hard to nail?

    How are you not nailing it? I imagine the 16ths on the snare are commonly rushed, especially by beginners. Another reason drummers may not nail a part is because they don't feel it to begin with. Chances are if you're playing a song written and performed by a deep pocket drummer, and you don't...
  3. bud7h4

    Another drum tuning thread

    Regarding tuning to notes, I do this only after I have determined how the drums all sound best together. After getting them tuned, then I document what notes the heads are tuned to, only for the purpose of taking the guesswork out of future tuning / head changes. And the LAST thing I want is a...
  4. bud7h4

    Easy pre-beginner song?

    Journey - lovin, touchin, squeezin
  5. bud7h4

    No Facebook for a week, and I feel better

    Everything practical at least.
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    No Facebook for a week, and I feel better

    I opened a FB account years ago for the sole purpose of keeping up with a presidential candidate (VP actually). I used a fake name, uploaded zero personal info. Once that election season ended I had no further use for my FB account and haven't used it since. Social media is a plague. Frankly, in...
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    Should I stay or should I go....

    Depending on what exactly those songs are, this might hold me back, but as long as you're okay with the tunes I would say go play for the bigger crowds and have more fun.
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    Technique vs. groove.

    This comment made me realize maybe technique is the wrong word for the cartoon. I wonder if it should be "technicality" instead. Because without technique a groove won't groove like a groove should. Technically speaking. Tech ni cal i ty - the state of being technical; the use of technical...
  9. bud7h4

    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    It sure makes a lot more sense if this is the case. Otherwise it's really bizarre. Also the word bizarre is weird.
  10. bud7h4

    Keeping Time with your left foot. Why?

    I used to avoid it because it seemed to me like it would just add to the complexity, i.e. require even more limb independence than I'm already using. Actually this probably is the case at first, but in time it comes around and becomes more of an aid than a challenge.
  11. bud7h4

    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    Sounds like he nailed it on Exit Stage Left. I hear the HH chokes but hard to hear if the ghost notes are there on the snare.
  12. bud7h4

    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    Well, first of all that guy at GC thinks every drummer plays that song so he's out of his mind to begin with. The song I've never heard any drummer get right is Rush Freewill, namely the bridge/guitar solo, and specifically the fill at 3:39
  13. bud7h4

    Female drummers?

    I've found the better your technique the less strength and endurance you need. I usually mention that regarding bass drum technique but it's true for hands as well.
  14. bud7h4

    drums too loud in unfinished raw basement

    Just a thought on the cost of e-drums. Instead of buying a full kit, you could convert your real kit with mesh heads, triggers and an older used module like a TD-9, plus a few used Roland cymbals (a fraction of the price of new ones). It's not only much cheaper, you still get to play your kit...
  15. bud7h4

    Beginner double bass songs?

    Dream Theater - Pull me Under I would also suggest playing the doubles during the chorus with your weak foot, for practice' sake. Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist Five Finger Death Punch - Wicked Ways Five Finger Death Punch - Bulletproof Five Finger Death Punch - Hard to See...
  16. bud7h4

    Cymbal sweet spot vs cymbal default position.

    I have cymbals that won't even stay flat. If they start out flat, the heavier side eventually tilts whatever way it wants too. Pretty annoying.
  17. bud7h4

    Beginner double bass songs?

    I was going to suggest Racer X. They had a ton of double bass that was not crazy fast or terribly complex. The vocals are so loud in the mix though, it's hard for me to enjoy it.
  18. bud7h4

    Do you have a feeling that you don't have to practice something that you have already mastered?

    I've definitely experienced this since the pandemic began. With the family home most of the time I'm practicing far less than before and it shows. Fortunately the rust wears off with a few good practice sessions. For now.
  19. bud7h4

    Marco Minnemann is one of the most skilled drummers in the world right now! 😲💪

    I don't put the same value that you do on versatility as far as genres, but the solo isn't very interesting to me either. He's an amazing drummer but I don't care for all the ostinato. Many great drummers do this, but I don't enjoy listening to it. It seems to inherently promote a lot of other...
  20. bud7h4

    This Is Why I Cringe When Someone Says They Want To do A Pink Floyd Song

    I think with the Beatles and Who, people really just want to hear the songs. With Pink Floyd the unique sound is a huge part of the attraction.