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  1. Ruok

    Tiny Drums.

    I don't know if this was posted before (I searched and found nothing), but I just love those black dot heads. :geek:
  2. Ruok

    First drum heads

    How we personally perceive the sound of drumheads can be very different. I find Evans heads to be generally less lively than Remo. Who's right? I don't know. 🤔
  3. Ruok

    Location of tom seems to affect the sound

    When I first bought my Remo MasterEdge kit, I started to tune them individually and then place them in position. I tuned the floor tom to my liking, I put it in position and it sounded totally different, and not very good. I took it away from the kit again and played it. It sounded great again...
  4. Ruok

    Church Drummer Playing Too Loud?

    From the reaction of the people, I think they secretly hoped that he (or she) wasn't. :rolleyes:
  5. Ruok

    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    Bought an electric guitar off a friend in the mid 80s. I still have it and still play it. At first all I did was play the easy chords and that's about it. Eventually I learned to play power chords after purchasing a video that focused just on that. I have yet to play the guitar in front of...
  6. Ruok

    My favorite sticks

    Some here may know that I've been wondering if Promark has a certain general sound that I prefer compared to other brands. For decades I've been basically purchasing Vater, Vic Firth and Regal Tips and I have my favorites in all of them. So I recently tried out a Promark Classic 5A oval tipped...
  7. Ruok

    Why are Vater sticks cheaper???

    I've really liked Vater for a long time now and their 5A Maple is one of my favorites, and the 8A too. But I'm starting to think that Promark sticks sound better to me. Almost all my sticks from various brands last a long time for me. I don't really have a problem there, thankfully. I would love...
  8. Ruok

    I'm just finding this out NOW?!!!!!

    In my case, I switched from a French grip to German not that long ago (it's been a year or two I think, maybe more) because of pain in my right thumb joint. 99% of the time I use traditional grip with my left hand and have never had a problem with my left hand. Since switching to the palm down...
  9. Ruok

    I'm just finding this out NOW?!!!!!

    I have not checked it out yet. But I definitely will. (y)
  10. Ruok

    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    Excellent and thorough answer! Exactly what I wanted to know from your perspective. Thanks!
  11. Ruok

    Pro-Mark......Your Thoughts?

    Very interesting. I don't know if you've seen my thread on Promark sticks possibly generally having more "click" to their sound than other brands, which is what I'm after. After seeing this comment, I'd like to ask you what specifically is it about the tips that you and the sound engineer...
  12. Ruok

    I'm just finding this out NOW?!!!!!

    I'm basically a self taught drum hobbyist. My regular gig is at a church that I've been playing at since 2004. I got my first snare drum (a toy) at about 5 years old, back in 1970 or 71, and have been playing ever since. Not once have I ever come across this tip that I saw last week. It has to...
  13. Ruok

    Goofy or Silly Original Songs

    I love this spoof of Christian Heavy Metal. Terry Scott Taylor (though he calls himself Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor on this album) has been a CCM artist since the 1970s and his various bands have a great sense of humor. This must be listened to the very end or you'll miss something special. 😬
  14. Ruok

    Effects Of Sound/Feel using 2ply snare batter Hd ?

    Sometimes people forget that Copeland did not have that super high cracking snare sound on the first album. I actually liked his lower snare sound overall as opposed to the super high crack he got famous for later.
  15. Ruok

    Fave Live Albums

    DeGarmo and Key - "No Turning Back Live" from 1982. It's a "Contemporary Christian" double live album. The songs sound and feel better than the studio versions. I think that Greg Morrow on drums helped improve the overall feel of the songs and made very good songs become great. Here's an example.
  16. Ruok

    Anyone else play mismatched hi hats?

    I don't normally play mismatched hats, but on occasion I will. One particular set I sometimes used in church was a Paiste 13" 602 Heavy top over a 13" 2oo2 Medium bottom. Browsing through those old Paiste Profile books I noticed many drummers used a 602 Heavy Hi-hat top over a 2oo2 Sound Edge...
  17. Ruok

    Testing a cymbal in person; Do you stick a finger in your ear?

    Thanks for bringing up the Cymbal Book. I have that book and just took it off the shelf. And now that I think about it, that's probably where I first read about blocking one ear to test a cymbal's sound. The Cymbal Book too shows a picture of someone at Paiste blocking his ear while playing a...
  18. Ruok

    Testing a cymbal in person; Do you stick a finger in your ear?

    Appreciate all the comments so far, both the serious and the not-so-serious. 🙃 :p This morning I spent a good half hour or so searching the web trying to get to the bottom of this. After seeing a bunch of non-related stuff, I finally came across this picture from...
  19. Ruok

    Testing a cymbal in person; Do you stick a finger in your ear?

    In this picture from a 1979 Paiste catalog, the man in the red sweater appears to put his finger in his ear while testing the hi-hat at the Paiste factory. I think I heard someone tell me many moons ago that blocking one ear is a good way to test a cymbal because it supposedly gives a sound that...
  20. Ruok

    Effects Of Sound/Feel using 2ply snare batter Hd ?

    Hmmm. Was it a coated version or clear? My experience has been very different. I love the clear black dot. I was looking for a nice pop sound and found it with the Clear C.S. Black Dot.