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    Sweet smoke : Silly Sally
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    Has anyone tried Cympads?

    I made some myself out of a mouse pad. I use it in the same situation I use donuts on my drums. For quiet situations it helps to tame the ride cymbals so that it’s not too invading. For the crash, just a small one to stop the sound a bit sooner. It’s a soft way to dampen my otherwise powerful AA.
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    Oasis : Lyla Marillion : Kayleigh - Interior Lulu - Margaret Michael jackson : Dirty Diana Metallica : Lulu I've got many French songs that come in mind but I don't know If it's interesting to share those. one english title sung by a french singer : Taï Phong : Sister Jane,
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    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    A 24” bass drum. I like the aesthetic and sound but I never tried one so I don’t know if I would feel comfortable behind it. Always asked myself about a rack. I like the practical aspect and the consistency of setting up, but never dared to get one.
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    Evans ST Dry Snare Head

    I dont know if it will help, I bought once an Evans HD dry and promised myself not to ever ever buy that kind of vented snare head Once again. It completely killed the personality of the snare, and the buzz roll sounded weird. It may be interesting for a side effect snare: tuned low, but too...
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    New Kit Pic’s (shell pack only)

    I love it ! And the smoked emperors is a nice touch !
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    Which kit to keep?

    Pearl Kit is better quality than the Catalina, which a good kit, but hardware wise, Pearl is better, stronger. Ice is right, you can swap the mount of the vision, the ISS mount isn't the best they've made. What is the colour of the Catalina ? any picture of both kits ? I would sell one kit and...
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    DW Performance Series Review

    Thx for the review, very good choice of drums ! congrats.
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    Drum Heads Galore and my Opinions on them.

    How about the feel ? I kind of prefer the Remo feel; more supple let say, but I don't like their durability or coating. On the other hand, Aquarian coating is the best but the feel is stiffer. I stick with evans, which is a good compromise with great durability. I too, was impressed by vintage...
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    Improving a Tama Stagestar kit

    I would also go coated on toms, it'll warm up the tone. Depending on budget I would also change the reso skins. On cheap kit, the batter heads are crap and it's even worse for the reso heads. Coated G1 or G2 on toms, coated G1 for the snare and hazy 300 and G1 for the reso. Or Remo / aquarian...
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    Need Help With Premier Identification

    APK Snare drum, late 90’s. XPK had wood snare.
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    How did you pick your favorite sticks?

    I started playing Tama Oak 5B equivalent. But something wasn't right, even if I played metal at that period of time, I needed thinner / lighter sticks, so I went Tama oak still, but 5A equivalent. Since then, it's basic 5A, mostly Vic Firth and sometimes Tama. VF can be played much longer...
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    Ian Paice Drumming: Deep Purple Top 10 Songs for Drums. Tier List + Stats

    I really love Paice feeling, and sense of swing. People tend to quote only the old deep purple songs, but, Bananas for instance and even the last album (infinite) are a display of tasty drumming, with a great sound.
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    New Pearl Masterworks Drum Set Comparison - 4 Kits Head to Head!

    Thank you for this great (again) comparison. They all sound pretty damn good. I would go Maple / Mahogany with Re-ring personaly. The green shimmer finish is awful though.
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    Gretsch Brooklyn or Yamaha RC

    I would also like that kind of comparison. Renown have really impressed me (build quality and sound) and I don’t how the Brooklyn differenciate from them.
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    Buying a ‘fast install clutch’

    I didn't know the Gibraltar clutch, it seems really good, is it reliable ?
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    That was also my idea ! With such a snare, you could try die cast hoops and a larger snappy snare and drumheads. I would go Die cast hoops, an Evans Powercenter and a larger Snare.
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    Must.....resist.... more drums... (Inside: Gretsch Renown RN2 Exclusive)

    Oh they look definately sweet, great sizes and colour ! It's sure difficult to resist : Don't forget the matching 14x6,5" !
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    Those giant bass drum spurs from the 70s/80s

    I was wondering how it looks up close : we can see those support in this catalog from drum archive : I understand they can’t be removed for transport ?
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    Why I don't want help taking down, even carrying my drums.

    Good ideas are sometimes very simple and this should have been obvious ! I‘ll try this way next time. Thanks