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  1. SuperUltra

    what drum module is this that Danny Carey used?

    It can be seen in this photo (circled in red) and in many concert videos as well.
  2. SuperUltra

    Best trigger module in your opinion?

    Title says it all. Just want to know for future reference.
  3. SuperUltra

    How to maintain a consistent fast tempo with heel toe on double bass?

    I’ve seen lots of metal drummers use heel toe for going fast, how can I achieve doing this?
  4. SuperUltra

    Hand-Kick independence

    So a problem for is having my kick and my hands be more independent so that I can play different kick patterns without messing up my hands. Is there any exercise I could do to improve my kick-hand independence
  5. SuperUltra

    Simmons SD550 Double Bass

    So i have purchased a simmons kick pad and a double pedal, just curious, does it actually work?
  6. SuperUltra

    SHORT STORY: Jerk music teacher

    So a couple of years ago my school recruited a new music teacher to replace our beloved music teacher Mr.Nelson. That year I was not signed up for music because I frankly didn’t need another class. And so, a year passed while he was there. Another thing to mention is that I thought he was...
  7. SuperUltra

    Simmons sd550 problems

    So apparently their is a choke function on my Simmons sd550, the problem is I have no clue how to use it, how do I?
  8. SuperUltra

    Ever had a band you just couldn't like

    Has anyone ever listened to a band that had good music, but just couldn't like them because maybe they had a theme or belief that just made them revolting to you? An example for me would be Ghost, I like there songs but just couldn't find it in myself to like them because I was not very drawn to...
  9. SuperUltra

    Joey Jordison drum kit photos

    Anyone got any good photos (not from google) of Joey Jordisons drum kit? Preferably from Slipknot and scar the martyr.
  10. SuperUltra

    Question about remo powersonic

    the snap on dampening system that comes with the remo powersonic, does it only work with that head or could it be used with something like a powerstroke pro clear?